Chris wrote: "the issue with me playing a role in the video project - Appropedia Video Challenge - is that I'm really a text geek :-). I still love it and want to support it though, so I'm wondering - can we find other video enthusiasts? Do we need someone to co-lead, or just get people starting with their own videos...? Students?"

LucasG wrote: "I think the best way is to hand it over to those who already know how to do video, and to those who already do stuff, and join them together with some glue-tools: meet-up virtually, edit, subtitle and overdub, licenses, the whole lot. I think I can flesh out that page, openly, with some kind of strategy and links. Making it a challenge needs some dates, say once a month, in which people select the videos they prefer, or whatever. Part of it will be video-hunting, for stuff that's already out there. And we want authors to come out of their anonymity-closet if they want to."