BRIDGE is a coalition of autonomous international development groups here on Appropedia who aim to increase support, guidance and collaboration between one another. We invite existing organizations to join us or we will guide you through building your own BRIDGE

This is a bit of "social alchemy" in which we aim create a new organizational model for volunteering which:

  • presents a low barrier to entry.
  • has massive diversity of opportunities to suit anyone's passion
  • Increases networking between currently disconnected development organizations and individuals
  • builds morale among volunteers by creating a well connected social environment
  • has the capacity to scale without the impediments of traditional hierarchical development organizations

We will harness the collaborative ability of the internet to provide opportunities for anyone who has the desire to do something more meaningful for the world. By eliminating the barrier to entry and providing the support and encouragement of a social network, we will bring people into the fold who would have otherwise remained observers. The catalytic effect of these people bringing their energy to bear on these problems will reach far beyond whatever project they work on directly. However, this depends on you. Unless we can create enough interest to get off the ground, the potential benefits of this tool will not be realized.

For more details on how we plan to get there, read The Plan. Also see our BRIDGE/Constitution and Bylaws

Goals[edit | edit source]

BRIDGE should develop materials to aid its collaborators in achieving the following tasks.

  • Critically observe their surroundings
  • Perform effective needs assessments
  • Build effective relationships with community members
  • Design and manage practical plans
  • Prepare effective grant proposals

Open tasks[edit | edit source]

  • If you have experience doing international travel or development, you could start working on the Support Materials
  • Add your organization to our list of BRIDGEs or creating your own
  • We are in need of more projects on our available projects page. If you know of any, please write them up for us, if you don't know of any, feel free to travel to a developing country to find some for us.
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