The way Appropedia works is that anyone can create a page about a project, or create/edit a page about a topic. If your organization has projects or sources of information, whether on passive solar design, affordable housing, pest control, fair trade, carbon pricing, wisdom about development or other social/environmental issues, we as a community would love you to share it here. You can have a separate page about each of your projects.

Good pages have the opportunity to be highlighted on our front page and in our social media.

We greatly appreciate any links to Appropedia from your site, either to the homepage or specific pages.

The main thing is that if you have something you want it add, click the edit button, and add it then and there. Let it be imperfect, as someone else can help later. "Later" usually never comes, so if you can start it, now is the best time. There's an edit button at the top and on each section of a page. When you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Service learning[edit | edit source]

Have you heard about our service learning program? Students build wiki pages as part of their assessment - that's one way of sharing knowledge that's worked well, and we want to do more of.

We need help to expand this program - in mentoring, funding, and cooperation on real world projects. Can your organization be a part of this?

If you have questions, get in touch - we can talk (or meet if we have someone nearby)

See also: Appropedia:Learning institutions on Appropedia

Headers and banners[edit | edit source]

Examples of existing banners:

Attribution tags[edit | edit source]

Some pages which have been worked on by a particular class (for example) have notices stating this. See Help:Notices for how to do this.


{{attrib class}}

takes two parameters (class name and date).

{{Attrib class|Engr305 Appropriate Technology|May 15, 2010}}

Feeds[edit | edit source]

Keep your Appropedia page up to date:

Put your updates into a feed on the article about your organization, and/or on you userpage. See Help:Feeds


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