Group identity is an important aspect of grouping and navigating content on Appropedia. This enables organizations (large and small, formal and informal) to use Appropedia but still maintain their connections, visibility and their own specific mission.

There are many ways we can help achieve this, and any or all of them can be used:

  • Banners at the top of pages (e.g. see Waterpod and the Hexayurt Project) and navigation bars (e.g. see The Transition Handbook and Appropriate technology open collaborations) help to mark out particular organizations and multi-page projects, and make for easy navigation within these projects.
  • The API allows integration of your own site with Appropedia - you can display an Appropedia page within another site, and even allow editing from within the your site.
  • Userboxes on your userpage can show what projects or groups you belong to, as well as your interests, and place your userpage in a category so like-minded people can find you. We are also looking at using the "SocialProfile" extension which we hope will improve this.

Under development[edit | edit source]

We are also exploring the idea of a slim banner at the top of the page when you are visiting from a partner organization's website, with helpful links and an easy way to return to the originating website. This is under development.

The Appropedia Foundation will continue to support the development of the site to better serve Appropedia users and contributors, including in the functioning of groups within the Appropedia site community.

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