Greeting Appropedia Community,

We're looking for community comment on whether Appropdia is the appropriate forum and format, for our academic and professional collaborators to edit the website pages of our Intentional Community Project: [1]; this temporary site is primarily for our internal use, so please forgive its unsophistication and other faults.

Our IC project clearly coincides with Appropedia's purpose: "Appropedia is for collaborative solutions in sustainability, appropriate technology and poverty reduction."; we're really questioning whether or not it would be appropriate for us to use it for internal(?- for lack of a better word) collaboration. The information we're editing is voluminous, and project specific; so we're wondering:

  1. how we would use the Projects pages to organize the work;
  2. whether general public edits would be a valuable experience for the editor;
  3. whether our presence here would meaningfully add to Appropedia's content- and exposure;
  4. and given the specificity of the information (mentioned earlier), the utility of general public edits (public comments notwithstanding).

Thanks. We're looking forward to your comments.

Hi Skeptic,
Currently, your website appears to be down, so I was not able to see your content... but it sounds like Appropedia would be a great platform for your project. There are many other 'internal' projects on Appropedia that are comfortable sharing their content with the world for collaborative learning. Also, those projects have the advantage of linking to useful content, access to a large community working towards similar goals, and being able to focus on their content instead of the running of a site (technical issues, spam, etc.). So examples would be Hexayurt, MOST, and Practivistas.
Please feel free to email me or post more questions here. I can help you set up the category and templates to make all your pages work together more coherently.
Thanks, --Lonny (talk) 19:39, 31 December 2014 (PST)

Lonnie, I've begum developing the project wiki [2] and would welcome any observations you might have. I'd like to organize the wiki like the website is organized, but am uncertain about whether I should put the entire site on the project page or whether I should create separate wiki pages for each website page (the Community, the Ecoversity, the Resort ...). If I should create separate pages, I have yet to figure out how to accomplish that.

Thanks. I really appreciate all your help. Michael

Hi Michael,
Please see the rest of the conversation at User_talk:Lonny#Walden_Ecovillage.
Thanks and good luck! --Lonny (talk) 11:06, 9 January 2015 (PST)
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