This page contains a checklist of proposed tutorial pages and skill pages.

How-to videos ideas[edit | edit source]

How-to #1: How to create a user account[edit | edit source]

Help:Create account

Things to take into account:*Intro: If you want to edit pages on Appropedia, you will need to make an account.

  • Reasons for registering as a user (mention them briefly).
  • Each page you edit will be credited to your username.
  • You’ll be able to collaborate with other users.
  • Create a username and password (real name or pseudonym).
  • Creating an account is done only once.
  • You can write about yourself (interests and experiences).

How-to #2: How to create a page[edit | edit source]

Help:Creating a page

Things to take into account:

  • Intro: There are thousands of different types of pages on Appropedia: research, course pages, devices
  • First, think about what type of page you want to create.
  • Before creating a page, find out if someone else has written a similar page. Avoid creating duplicate pages.
  • Rules for creating content on Appropedia.
  • Explain that if you just want to experiment, use the Sandbox first.
  • Explain what are the prefilled pages.
  • Creating a page from the URL bar.

How-to #3: The basics of Appropedia markup[edit | edit source]

  • Mention basic points to write on Appropedia: bold, italics, headings, sections, HTML elements, categories, internal and external links.

How-to #4: How to upload images[edit | edit source]


  • Rules for uploading an image (copyright).
  • Considerations about size, format, photo quality.
  • Boxed images, thumbnails, create a gallery.

How-to #5: How to find information about a certain topic on Appropedia[edit | edit source]

  • Explain the search box (how to search a book, device, etc.)

Conversation with Emilio

Help:Searching Cómo usar apropedia para investigación. Una guía para ayudar a los estudiantes. Orientada a un usuario novato. Te recomendamos que busques así. ¿Cómo llevar tu registro de investigación? Guideline parecido al video de Joshua Appropedia:Service learning. for students for teachers MORE SUGGESTIONS THAN INSTRUCTIONS. Tono youtuber, explicando y guiando. Hacelo como querrás, esto es lo que yo hago.

NEW ONE Hablar herramientas y cómo se va a documentar los resultados de sus proyectos. Guión de cosas a editar. para el GSTC PRIORIDAD: Global, qué herramientas tenes para documentar tus módulos. Ver video

CHECK FAB ACADEMY Documentar on the go. Documentation workflow

How-to #6: Where may I ask questions about Appropedia?[edit | edit source]

  • In case you have any questions about what Appropedia is (mission, vision, objectives, how to get involved, volunteering, or donate).

How-to #7: How to upload a video[edit | edit source]


  • Rules for uploading a video (copyright).
  • Considerations about size, format, video quality.
  • How to upload your own video.
  • How to embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

How-to #8: Types of content[edit | edit source]

Help:Types of content

  • You’ll find condensed information about a knowledge page, literature review, images, videos, what is OCR, video annotations, etc.

How-to #9: How to create a project page[edit | edit source]

Help:Creating a page

  • It would be good to explain the difference between creating a page and a project.

How-to #10: How to create an article in Appropedia[edit | edit source]

Help:Creating a page

How-to #11: How to create a literature review[edit | edit source]

  • Create one for everyone based on

Documentation tools[edit | edit source]

  • Infoboxes (user, organization, device, project)
  • Bill of materials
  • Template:How to

Making tutorial videos[edit | edit source]

Recommendations for a good tutorial video

  • How to record it
  • Tools to create (such as OBS Studio)
  • Adding subtitles and good subtitle practice
  • Where to upload videos: Special:UploadWizard, Commons, YouTube

Using Appropedia documentation tools (workflow)[edit | edit source]

You 10:31 AM You 10:36 AM You 10:39 AM You 10:53 AM You 10:55 AM You 11:06 AM Template:Maps ver Category:El_Salvador Template:Mbox Category:Header You 11:08 AM You 11:10 AM Template:Infobox_device (primer párrafo)

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