A suggested self-guided tour for interns, to get familiar with Appropedia and the platforms we use:

  • Introduce yourself on this project's talk page.
  • Introducing the wiki! Although your focus is on the tech, it helps to know how the wiki works
  • Introducing the tech!
    • Set up Pywikipediabot or AutoWikiBrowser. Try some wikilinking or categorization - being careful to check each edit before you confirm it. (This isn't actually very techy, but Pywikipediabot a bit confusing and scary for non-tech people, and hard to adjust and trouble-shoot the commands.) Suggestion: two hours of running some different commands will give you a good introduction. If you want to spend more time, feel free - this is very helpful work.
    • Set up accounts on the dev wiki - whatissustainability dot org (not linked here to avoid people clicking without reading carefully - this is for development and testing only). There is also a "blogs" subdomain, which is the dev version of http://blogs.appropedia.org/
    • Create a Tasks page in your userspace.
    • Sign up to the BetterMeans site where we do some of our task management for tech work. Browse the tasks, especially noting the higher priority tasks.
    • Think about some tasks you might like to take on.
    • List these as possibilities on your Tasks page.
  • Stay organized and stay in touch
    • "Chunk down" the tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. If you find it difficult to be organized and focused, and we all do sometimes, this chunking down is extremely important. Feel free to discuss this on the project talk page if you wish.
    • Update the team on the tech team's talk page, if there's anything you'd like to share, suggest or ask. Let us know how it's going. We hope this is an enjoyable and valuable experience.
    • "Watch" that talk page, by clicking the watch tab. Make sure you've confirmed your email and configured your Preferences to receive email notifications when someone adds to the page. (When you get a notification, you'll have to check the page when logged in if you want to receive further notifications. And note, the way MediaWiki works, you watch both the project page and the talk page together - it's not possible to only watch the talk page.)
    • Make sure you have Admin access on the dev wiki (and dev blog site if you're working on the WordPress site), and dev server access if you need it. Contact Chriswaterguy to arrange this.

We're glad to have you here, and we look forward to what we can achieve together!

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