The Appropedia Foundation and the Appropedia community wish to thank Appropedia's supporters and donors.

Many of our main sponsors have been individuals who have covered our server costs and enabled some specific site development.

We're also grateful to the many volunteers and editors who make Appropedia possible, and to everyone who shares what we're doing. Thank you!

Interested in supporting Appropedia?[edit | edit source]

We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us.

Appropedia is exploring paid support from organizations on Appropedia. To learn more, please read on.

If you are a community member, please let us know what you think about the idea of financial supporters at Discuss support.

If you are a potential supporter, please email us at

FAQ[edit | edit source]

Who is Appropedia?[edit | edit source]

The Appropedia community is a worldwide, online community committed to a sustainable world free of poverty. We support that through sharing solutions and best practice, integrity, and accuracy.

The Appropedia Foundation is the California-based non-profit which enables the community to do its work. The Foundation supports the community effort, raises funds, owns the domain and manages the software platforms used by the community. From the beginning the Foundation has had an international board of directors with backgrounds in engineering, science, academia, business and law.

What does Appropedia do?[edit | edit source]

Our vision is to give access to the best, most comprehensive and actionable information on sustainability and tackling poverty. We cover technologies and practices, how-tos and designs. We look at solutions through the lens of appropriate technology - the recognition that the environmental, social and economic contexts are crucial to the success of any solution.

How big is Appropedia?[edit | edit source]

As an information resource, we have tens of thousands of pages.

As a community, we have many participants, especially students. Many contributors work on only one or two pages for a short period; a smaller number stay involved and work on the site as a whole. For this reason, it's hard to give precise numbers.

The Foundation is quite small, as organizations go. From 2006 to 2019, the total expenses were approximately $55,000 (largely from core team members and university partners). However, we have a passion and a large vision.

Why is Appropedia looking for supporters?[edit | edit source]

Financial support will better enable us to fulfill our mission to build rich and sustainable lives. Funding is needed to make strong progress on our short-term goals in site development, community development, communications and content expansion.

How much financial support is needed?[edit | edit source]

As a volunteer organization, even small amounts make a big difference - $1000 or $5000 may enable us to perform much-needed work and improve the service we provide. Talk to us to find out more about the difference your support can make.

Is it tax-deductible?[edit | edit source]

The Appropedia Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit and donations are tax-deductible under US law.

If you are outside the US and need tax-deductibility, please Talk to us - it may be best to support a joint project with one of our international partners.

Can I control what is written about my company on Appropedia?[edit | edit source]

The Appropedia community is committed to fairness, integrity and accuracy. We are careful to avoid libel, and to remove it if it appears on the site. Organizations can present their perspective on their own activities, and other perspectives may also be presented. Misinformation and unsupported claims are against the ethos of the Appropedia community - we wish to be as accurate as possible. Appropedia's emphasis is on solutions, being constructive and making a better way forward. Attacks, lobbying or marketing do not belong on Appropedia.

The Appropedia Foundation supports this goal and this ethos, but is not responsible for the words of individual editors. Appropedia is an open knowledge project, without censorship other than the community's best efforts to remove inaccuracy and vandalism, including libel.

Support does not change this or give a promise of special treatment.

Do you take support from absolutely anyone?[edit | edit source]

We will assess support on a case-by-case basis. We don't expect supporters to be perfect, and we hope that our relationship will augment supporters' efforts to be increasingly sustainable and ethical. We don't want support to be an example of "greenwash."

What is the value proposition for supporters?[edit | edit source]

Supporting Appropedia is a demonstration of your values, to your customers, employers and other stakeholders. It shows your commitment to accurate knowledge, empowerment, and change.

We are exploring various levels of support. Possible support agreements could include specific page, specific portal, front page, and sidebar in increasing value. In addition, your logo and link appear on our Supporters page. We will also thank your organization on our blog, through our active social media channels and other communication channels.

There are other opportunities to strengthen your relationship with Appropedia, for example through your own communication channels, and through a corporate volunteering partnership.

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