This page describes a proposal.

Informal courses can be organized through P2PU[1] (or possibly other platforms). It is proposed to run courses aimed particularly at the broader Appropedia community of contributors and readers.

Benefits of such courses would be:

  • Learning in an open environment accessing a wide range of up-to-date resources
  • Getting to know other community members and working closely with them.
  • Creation of quality content directly on Appropedia. The course then becomes a service learning exercise - it has a positive impact, creating value for the world in addition to the learning that occurs.

Platform[edit | edit source]


  • P2PU[2] is intended specifically for this kind of learning. The organization also has its own audience and would work with Appropedia to cross-promote.

Integration with Appropedia[edit | edit source]

Assignments will be carried out (written research) or documented (for real world projects) on Appropedia, as with other Appropedia university programs.

Facilitators[edit | edit source]

Anyone can run a course with P2PU. However, either they should have relevant study and/or experience in the field, or be particularly skilled in facilitating other group members who do have this knowledge. Primarily the facilitator is a guide to the process, and all the participants do their own learning; however the ideal is to having a facilitator with their own substantial knowledge as well as openness to new perspectives.

Courses[edit | edit source]

Obvious examples might be:

(Please add more)

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