This is a self-guided tour for interns getting started. It helps you to get familiar with Appropedia and the community:

  • Introduce yourself on this project's talk page.
  • Introducing the wiki! Although your focus is on media communications, it's important to know how the wiki works
    • Either edit or create a page in "mainspace" - i.e. a topic article, or a project. (A stub of a few lines is fine - doesn't have to be a major project.) Preferably both.
    • Spend some time browsing the content. Check the topics in the left-hand sidebar, or just keep clicking the Random link, above the topics at left.
    • Optional: See if there are articles deleted from Wikipedia that are worth salvaging. Have a look, but taking action is optional as it could be a big task (and you want to get onto the tech work).
    • Welcome some new users. A good place to start is to look on RecentChanges for anyone with a redlink for a talk page (and who isn't a spammer, of course!). See this guide to welcoming: Talk:ENGR 305 Interns Spring 2011 #Welcoming. Suggestion: spend an hour on this, more or less.
  • Keeping track:
    • Create a Tasks page in your userspace. E.g. if your username is Jane, enter User:Jane/Tasks in the search box, then on the search page, click the User:Jane/Tasks redlink near the top.
    • Think about some tasks you might like to take on, and list these as possibilities on your Tasks page.
  • Stay organized
    • "Chunk down" the tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. If you find it difficult to be organized and focused - and we all do sometimes - this chunking down is extremely important. Feel free to discuss this on the project talk page if you wish.
  • Update the team on the talk page, if there's anything you'd like to share, suggest or ask. Let us know how it's going - we hope this is an enjoyable and valuable experience.

We're glad to have you here, and we look forward to what we can achieve together!