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Follow Appropedia on Facebook.

Appropedia is now on Facebook. If you use Facebook to network and follow groups, join up and invite your friends!

Welcome CCAT!

Appropedia is proud to announce our new partnership with the 30 year old Campus Center for Appropriate Technology. They are currently moving their existing online project pages to Appropedia. Next, their never-seen-on-the-web content will be ported. This will allow for more exposure, project continuity and collaboration opportunities.

AFH new logo.jpgMyanmar Rebuilding Appeal

As Myanmar (Burma) has begun to loosen its doors to allow relief agencies US officials are reporting that the death toll may exceed 100,000 and that 1 million are displaced. [1] If you are interested in contributing to Architecture for Humanity's Myanmar Rebuilding efforts, please donate.

We are faster!

Our growing number of pages, members, visitors and edits had brought our site to a crawlingly slow speed. After two days of work, we are finally on a faster server with more expansion options. Thank you for your patience in what amounted to the longest amount of time we have been down in almost two years. Please let us know if you encounter problems. Enjoy.

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