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Title Author(s) Year URL
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A Review Article on Solar Based Electric Vehicle Speed Regulation Kumar, D/Singh, B 2019
Pemantauan Kinerja Tungku Perbaikan Yang Dioperasikan Secara Berkala Dengan Banyak Bahan Bakar Padat (Multi Fuel … Munir, S/Sriyanti, S 2011
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Information Literacy in Ceab’s Accreditation Criteria: The Hidden Attributeinformation Literacy in Ceab’s Accreditation … Murphy, S/Saleh, N 2011
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Open source capillary electrophoresis Kubán, P/Foret, F/Erny, G 2019 Link
Engineering as an Enterprise of War and Peace Papadopoulos, C/Hable, AT 2009 Link
A review of open source ventilators for COVID-19 and future pandemics Pearce, JM 2020 Link
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Design for Sustainability: Fish Preservation in Tanzania Shang, CH 2020 Link
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Engaging Faculty across the Community Engagement Continuum. Gorski, I/Mehta, K 2016 Link
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To Catch the Rain: Inspiring stories of communities coming together to harvest their own rain, and how you can do it too Grafman, L 2018
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CC Applicability of Non-commercial License Fu Rong 2012 Link
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Catholic Social Doctrine and the Openness Revolution: Natural Travel Companions Fioretti, M 2012 Link
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Review on evaporative cooling systems Chijioke, OV 2017 Link
Open source 3-D printers: an appropriate technology for developing communities Gwamuri, J/Poliskey, J/Pearce, J 2016 Link
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Networked Roots of Talkoot/Cooperation, and Information Society in Finland Paterson, AG 2014 Link
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Links Horvath, J/Cameron, R 2015
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Distributed Manufacturing of Open Source Medical Hardware for Pandemics Pearce, JM 2020 Link
Open Source and Sustainability: the Role of Universities Signorini, GF 2019 Link
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Adapt or die Milliss, I 2010
Renewable energy policies and programs in Nunavut: Perspectives from the federal and territorial governments McDonald, NC/Pearce, JM 2012 Link
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Competency assessment of directed amplified minisatellite DNA and start codon targeted markers for genetic diversity study in accessions of Vigna subterranea (L.) … Igwe, DO/Afiukwa, CA 2017 Link
Gestión de la información en la cuarta revolución industrial Duarte, AGO/Montenegro, AFD 2018 Link
Changing practice: Implications of the World Report on Disability for responding to communication disability in under-served populations Wylie, K/McAllister, L/Davidson, B 2013
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pandemics [version 1; peer review: 1 approved] Pearce, JM 2020 Link
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Teaching pediatric life support in limited-resource settings: contextualized management guidelines Ralston, ME/A de Caen 2017
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Karanj: Apossible Solution for the Rural Energy and Other Uses Islam, MP/Haque, MA/Hussain, MD 2010 Link
Bytes of Note: Design for the Global Household Clark, GE 2010 Link
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Dematerializing of PV for Better Source of Energy FA Al Tamimi/Pereira, CG 2015 Link
Social Media and its Application of Library Services in India Parabhoi, L/Pathy, SK 2017 Link
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3-D printable polymer pelletizer chopper for fused granular fabrication-based additive manufacturing Woern, AL/Pearce, JM 2018 Link
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Pico hydropower (PHP) development in Malaysia: Potential, present status, barriers and future perspectives Kadier, A/Kalil, MS/Pudukudy, M/Hasan, HA 2018 Link
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Economic savings for scientific free and open source technology: A review Pearce, JM 2020 Link
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