Aerospike Educational Aid

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The Aerospike Educational Aid is a 3D printable Aerospike assembly for use as an educational aid and demonstration for teachers. The basic assembly consists of three pieces: the Aerospike Nozzle, the Compressor/Combustion Chamber(s), and a mountable panel fan such as those found in a computer. The Nozzle and Compressor are both 3D printable and adaptable to any fan size with a square mount profile. The original design was done in OpenSCAD by Jacob Loss.

3D Printed Aerospike Nozzle with compressor unit

3D Print Files[edit | edit source]

The files for the Aerospike Education Aid are available here: Aerospike Demonstration.

Assembly[edit | edit source]

Assembly of the Aerospike is simple and only requires a set of fasteners long enough to go through all of the parts. The required parts are listed below:

  • Printed Aerospike Nozzle
  • Printer Compressor Unit
  • Computer Fan
  • hex-key screws x4 (Make sure they are long enough!)
  • nuts & washers as needed

Note that these must have matching dimensions for the mounting holes. Adjusting the mounting holes for the Aerospike is described in the OpenSCAD parameters. The actual assembly occurs as a stack and is in the following order from top to bottom.

  • Aerospike Nozzle
  • Compressor Unit
  • Computer Fan

After the stack is complete, the screws, washers and nuts can be used to hold the assembly tight. If you notice any gaps in the stack or feel air escaping the housing, disassemble and use a small amount of epoxy on the compressor center and edges and reassemble. Try to clean out any excess epoxy that drips from the seems.

OpenSCAD Parameters[edit | edit source]

Coming Soon