Welcome to the Trocar Placement Module. This ALL-SAFE module is designed to teach surgeons, and procedural trainees the principles of trocar placement for laparoscopic surgery in a resource-constrained setting.

Why Trocar Placement?[edit | edit source]

Gaining laparoscopic access is the first step of any laparoscopic procedure. In this module, learners will gain confidence and competence in placing the first laparoscopic trocar of an abdominal case. While there are various ways of establishing laparoscopic access, learners will practice how to place a Hasson trocar under direct visualization of the different layers of the abdominal wall, the most generalizable and reliable method of laparoscopic access for surgeons new to laparoscopy. After access is established in a patient, learners can then commence their target operation of choice.

Discussion[View | Edit]

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