This project is to design a customizable OpenSCAD script.

  1. Using OpenSCAD either design an original customizable object, or adapt an existing scad file you find online to work with the open source customizer.
  2. Make it printable (you do not need to print it) for your RepRap
  3. Post your SCAD and STL of your design on Thingiverse (if a derivative make sure you give attribution with an OS license)
  4. Add a rendering of your project along with the link to Thinkiverse in the gallery below following the example.


  1. If your project turned out really nice you can print it for show and tell
  2. Bonus if your design has high utility and you set up a webpage with the OS customizer along with instructions on how to do it(see: Free and Open Source 3-D Model Customizer for Websites to Democratize Design with OpenSCAD)

Add your image and link the gallery below in a single line after the last one in the list

<gallery caption="Customized Projects"> Image: Customizer Record Stand.jpeg |Link to your customizer mini project on Thingiverse Image: Customizable_Furniture_Coaster.JPG |Link to customizer micro project on Thingiverse Image: Customizer_plant_pot.png |Link to my customizer-able plant pot on Thingiverse Image: Erl Flask.PNG |[1]|Erlenmeyer flask Image: Pic_for_grade.PNG|Parametric drawer Image: Recyclebox.jpg|Recycle Me Card box Image: BJH customizer ring.PNG|Customizable Ring Image: MY4777_Lacarste_Adjustable_Mug_Cap.JPG|Adjustable Mug Cap Image: CJTBox.jpg|Customizer Jewelry Box Image: Coffee_handle.JPG|Coffee Mug Handle Image: SinWaveRockHold.jpg|Customizable Rock Hold Image: Oring Customizer Pic.jpg|Customizable (Rectangular) O-Rings Image: Patrick Gilland Funnel.PNG|Customizable Funnel Image: Customizable_robot_toy.PNG|Customizable Robot Toy Image: EJW Custom Hook.jpg|Customizable Over the Door Hook Image: Jpbailey Customizable Part.jpg |Customizable Bowl Image: AStilwell_custom_ladle.PNG |Customizable Ladle Image: Box.PNG|Custom Shotgun Shell Box Image: ShifterCap.JPG|Custom Manual Trans Shifting Handle Image: Cord Hangar.png|Customizable Cord Hangar Image: Ringer.jpg|Simple Fashion Ring Image: Mariotube-custom.PNG |Mario Pipe Utensil Holder - Customize Image: OpenSCAD Wall Hook.JPG |Parametric Wall Hook Image: Parametric_pen_holder.jpg |Customizable pencil holder Image:Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 10.41.53 AM.png|Customizable Snow Flake Image: Customizablekoozie.JPG | Customizable Can Koozie Image: MY4777 Bracket.JPG | Customizable Shelf Bracket Image: NamePLateScreenGrab.jpg | Customizable Name Plate Image: CustomizablePillowBlock DevonSmith.png | Customizable Bearing Pillow Block Image: SilverWareHolder.jpg | Customizable Silverware Holder Image: Custom_shot_glass.JPG | Customizable Shot Glass Image: Custom_Phone_Case_photo.PNG | Customizable Iphone Case and Text Image: Lloxner_CustomizablePlanter.png | Customizable Planter Image: Tool_Holder.jpg | Customizable Tool Holder Image: BTJ_shot_glass.jpg | Customizable Shot Glass Image: TackleBoxPic.JPG | Customizable Tackle Box Image: ToothBrush_holder.jpg | Customizable Toothbrush Holder Image: EggTray.jpg | Customizable Egg Tray Image: Flask.PNG | Customizable Rock Wall Hold In The Shape of a Flask Image: Spoon holder.jpg | customizable spoon holder Image: CustomizableNamePlate.PNG | Customizable Desk Name Plate Image: lincoln log.jpg | Lincoln Log Image: Vase with plate.png | Vase with plate Image: Any Size Lego.jpg | Any Size Lego Image: Jewelry Box with Adjustbale Height.jpg | Adjustable Jewelry Box Height Image: Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.01.41 AM.jpg| Customizable laptop stand Image: X-box_stand.jpg | Customized X-Box controller stand Image: Lego brick customizer eib.JPG | Lego Brick Maker (customizer-friendly) Image: ccp_jpw.png | Customizable Coin Cup Holder Image: Square_Ring_Picture.JPG | Customizable Square Ring Image:CustomLegoHeadKW.png|Customizable Lego Head! Image: Custom_Lens_Cap.JPG | Customizable Cylindrical Cover Image: Card_holder_customizer.png | Business Card Holder Image: SakeCup.PNG | Sake Cup NC (Customizable) Image: Finchers_MEEMPIC.JPG | Customized MEEM Image: Customizable Dog Tag.jpg | Customizable Dog Tag Image: Customizable_Cable_Manager.png | Customizable Cable Manager Image: RockWall Customizable 777.jpeg | Customizable RockWall Hold Image: Eric_Benson_Rockwall.JPG | Customizable Rock Wall Hold Image: Jmloss_Custom.png|Drumstick Fulcrum Hold Image: Pdspillm_customizer.PNG|Customizable Wrench Image: TokenHolder.PNG|Customizable Board Game Token Holder Image: Cup.JPG | | Customizable Cup Image: Customizable Bangle smwurst.PNG | | Customizable Bangle Image: Custom rockwall hold trt.png | | Customizable Rockwall Hold Image: Customizable_Ice_Cube_Tray_Holder.PNG | | Customizable Ice Cube Tray Holder Image: Customizable Standard Cup.jpg | | Customizable Standard Cup Image: UFORender.PNG | | Customizable UFO Rock Wall Hold Image: Customizeable PCBA Cover.PNG | Customizable PCBA/Harddrive Case Image: Snowmand.PNG |Customizable snowman Image: Wall_Mount_Sword_In_Stone.PNG || Costomizable Rock Wall Hold (Sword in Stone) Image: customizable ring.PNG | Simple Customizable Ring Image:PintGlass new.jpg |Pint Glass Customizer Mini Project on Thingiverse Image: 4777_ParametricHeadphoneHook.png | Customizable Headphone Hook Image: apboerma_4777_vibeFoot.png | Customizable Vibration-dampening foot on Thingiverse Image: holderek1.png | Customizable Pencil Holder Image:M.K.Makare04.PNG |Cup Holder Customizer Image: Costumizable_Water_trap_scad.jpg |Costumizable Water Trap With Barbs Image:SDimg01.PNG |777 Customizer Star Destroyer Image:Bulbshade.png | Customization, Bulb Shade Image:Spark Plug Wire Holder2.jpg |Link to your customizer mini project on Thingiverse Image:Behereau dice.PNG |Link to your customizer mini project on Thingiverse Image:ParametricPhoneStand.png |Link to Parametric Phone Stand on Thingiverse Image:finished_bowl.jpg |Link to Parametric Bowl and plate on Thingiverse Image:Headphone_stand_printed2.jpg |Customizable Headphone Stand on Thingiverse Image:DNA_customizer.jpg |DNA Customizer on Thingiverse Image: 182A6123-E760-47DA-8A8D-9DC02D89E1EF.png | [] Image: customizable_toon_switch.jpg|light switch Image:CustamizableRing.PNG |Ring that you can customize /gallery>

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