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Solar photovoltaic literature review

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Solar Photo voltaic technologies

Parida, B., Iniyan, S. and Goic, R., 2011. A review of solar photovoltaic technologies. Renewable and sustainable energy reviews, 15(3), pp.1625-1636. [1]

  • basics of solar photovoltaics
  • environmental advantages

Photovoltaic Materials

Goetzberger, A. and Hebling, C., 2000. Photovoltaic materials, past, present, future. Solar energy materials and solar cells, 62(1-2), pp.1-19. [2]

  • usage of silicon and why silicon?
  • requirements for ideal solar cell
  • crystalline Silicon domination in present market

Solar cell working and radiation measurement

Hu, C.C. and White, R.M., 2012. Solar cells: from basics to advanced systems. [3]

  • working principle of a solar cell
  • solar radiation measurement
  • pyranometer(solarimeter)
  • shading-ring pyranometer
  • moving shadow-bar pyranometer
  • pyrheliometer
  • sunshine recorder

Photovoltaic Technology: The Case for Thin-Film Solar Cells

Shah, A., Torres, P., Tscharner, R., Wyrsch, N. and Keppner, H., 1999. Photovoltaic technology: the case for thin-film solar cells. science, 285(5428), pp.692-698. [4]

  • not that useful(nothing new learned from this paper)

Solar power generation by PV (photovoltaic) technology: A review

Singh, G.K., 2013. Solar power generation by PV (photovoltaic) technology: A review. Energy, 53, pp.1-13. [5]

  • not so useful