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Printing 1.75mm filament with Lulzbot Printers

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Printing 1.75 mm filaments using 3 mm printers such as Lulzbot TAZ 6 and Lulzbot mini

You can print with 1.75 mm filaments using printers which use 3 mm filaments by default.
The page will describe the methods by just using software and both software and hardware to get even more better results.

Software Method: (Difficulty: Easy)

Cura screenshot.jpg
This is a very simple method with which you only have to change software settings in Cura Lulzbot.
  1. . Change the print setup to custom.
  2. . Find "Material" Settings.
  3. . Change the "Diameter" to 1.75 as shown in the picture
  4. . Make sure that the filament is properly gripped to the extruder motor before printing.

Hardware Method 1: (Difficulty: Moderate)

  • Changing the filament diameter in the software is the necessary step to perform for any of the hardware modifications.
  • Changing the filament diameter to 1.75 makes the extruder motor go fast and pull the filament faster compared to the 3 mm filament.
  • Since the heating block on the Lulzbot printers is designed for 3 mm filaments, the heating might be ineffective with the higher extrusion speed and having air in between the heater and the filament.
  • The problem can be solved by inserting a small piece of PTFE (teflon) tube inside the heater which has Outer diameter of 3 mm and inner diameter of 1.75 or 2 mm.
  • PTFE tube 3mm OD 2mm ID

Hardware Method 2: (Difficulty: Hard)

This can also be done by changing the whole hotend and repurposing the printer to print only 1.75 mm filament.

  • Hotends for Lulzbot printers are available at e3d website.