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Dr. Frost UV spectroscopy unit protocol MOST

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what is it - -make model link to spec sheet - photo

Gloves and safety glasses

Dr. Frost requires everyone who is working in her lab wear gloves and safety glasses.


In order to switch the lamps on, you must flip the green switch to on.

  • Click start button
  • Wait at least ten minutes for the machine to set up before starting program
  • There should be a loud cranking noise, and if it does it means that the machine is working correctly.

program details:

  • The icon you want is called Scan-Lambda 35


The reference cuvette is the one that is farthest away from the front of the machine.

  • Located near the back of the UV chamber.

A beam of light will be split into two beams

  • These beams will shine through your sample and a reference then compare the two wavelengths

The sample cuvette should be placed in the sample cuvette holder

  • The sample should be taped as flat as possible against the cuvette's outer layer
    • do not tape sample to the inside of the cuvette

Once you have the cuvettes and your samples prepared, autozero and start the machine.


To export click file->export, then pick a destination file to export.

The most important detail about exporting your data is to switch the Data from "spectrum export file" to "XY Data (raw)"

Finding slit

In order to find out exactly where the UV spectrometer is shining its light, you have to set it to the green wavelength (anywhere from 577-492 nm). First click the change lambda button, then enter your desired wavelength into the input box, and finally use a slip of paper with the UV spectrometer open to find the few-nanometer-wide slit.


XY data by column

Raw spectrum file