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* [[User:Emilyread|Emily Read]]
* [[User:Emilyread|Emily Read]]
* [[User:Inesm|Ines Morales]]
* [[User:Inesm|Ines Morales]]
* [[User::Aws216|Austin Sani]]
* [[User:Aws216|Austin Sani]]
* [[User:Cad748|Clarissa Duron]]
* [[User:Cad748|Clarissa Duron]]

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This page is the compilation of a research project in partnership between Engr308 Technology and the Environment and Zero Waste Humboldt (ZWH) with project liaison Margaret Gainer.

The objective of this project is to analyze and compare the effects of the impacts of current glass bottles for beer compared to local beer bottle washing, based upon their embedded carbon dioxide emissions and embedded energy.

Team 1:Bottle Washing Bosses

Team 2 Bad News Beers

Team 3

Brainstorm Boys

Team 5