This is me.

I am a graduate student in the Energy, Technology, and Policy graduate program at Cal Poly Humboldt.

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

Veneto Region, Northern Italy. Tiny Dolomites Range. This is nearby where my Italian family is from.
  • I am excited to get some hands-on experience and break through my fears of the unknown!!
  • I am interested in learning how I can personally live my life as sustainably and low-impact as possible.
  • I want to learn about renewable technologies to use on both small and large scales.

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

Group photo from my class in Costa Rica.
  • Gardening on a small scale my whole life.
  • Extensive knowledge of social issues and inequalities, especially regarding cases of environmental injustice all around the world.
  • I have worked at and volunteered at CCAT on and off for two years.
  • I took a class in Costa Rica where we learned about small-scale local farming efforts, renewable energy in CR, eco-tourism, globalization, and culture.
  • Also was a part of this cool project on beer bottle washing in the Arcata/Eureka area done by our Engr308 Technology and the Environment class..

Discussion[View | Edit]

Your 2021 impact stats are right here![edit source]

Let's recap.png

Hi Emily! We thought you may want know that your top performing pages so far are:

  1. DIY compost bin projects/Zane Middle School (777 page views) Update!
  2. Zane Middle School permeable concrete 3 (759 page views) Update!
  3. CCAT outdoor kitchen roof (576 page views) Update!
  4. Zane Middle School triangle of rebirth (303 page views) Update!
  5. CCAT Outdoor Kitchen Roof/literature review (115 page views) Update!

Overall, your impact has been of 2,530 page views, woozaa!

Also, your user page has received 705 visits! People are interested in knowing more about you, edit your user page to tell the world what you've been up to.

Thanks for your contributions and for making Appropedia great, have a merry green Christmas!!

The Appropedia Team

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