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== Complete List of Books by Subject in the Sourcebook and the AT Library  ==
== Complete List of Books by Subject in the Sourcebook and the AT Library  ==
*[http://villageearth.org/pages/sourcebook/complete-list-of-books-by-subject-in-the-sourcebook-and-the-at-library Direct link to AT Sourcebook Chapter]
*[http://villageearth.org/pages/sourcebook/complete-list-of-books-by-subject-in-the-sourcebook-and-the-at-library Direct link to all AT Sourcebook Chapters]
=== '''Background Reading''' ===
=== '''Background Reading''' ===
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*[http://books.google.com/books?id=oX-6AAAAIAAJ&dq=Learning+from+China+-+A+Report+on+Agriculture+and+the+Chinese+People's+Communes&cd=1 Learning from China- A Report on Agriculture and the Chinese People's Communes]. FAO Study Mission. 1977. Italy : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, (c) 1977. 92-8521009-0.
*[http://books.google.com/books?id=oX-6AAAAIAAJ&dq=Learning+from+China+-+A+Report+on+Agriculture+and+the+Chinese+People's+Communes&cd=1 Learning from China- A Report on Agriculture and the Chinese People's Communes]. FAO Study Mission. 1977. Italy : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, (c) 1977. 92-8521009-0.
*[[AT Sourcebook/Local Self-Reliance/Local Responses to Global Problems: A Key to Meeting Basic Human Needs|Local Responses to Global Problems: A Key to Meeting Basic Human Needs]]. Stokes, Bruce. 1978. Washingston : Worldwatch Institute, (c) 1978. 0-916468-16-X.
*[[AT Sourcebook/Local Self-Reliance#Local Responses to Global Problems: A Key to Meeting Basic Human Needs|Local Responses to Global Problems: A Key to Meeting Basic Human Needs]]. Stokes, Bruce. 1978. Washingston : Worldwatch Institute, (c) 1978. 0-916468-16-X.
*[http://books.google.com/books?id=eOavOQrxcqYC&printsec=frontcover&dq=Rural+Small-Scale+Industry+in+the+People's+Republic+of+China&cd=1#v=onepage&q=&f=false Rural Small-Scale Industry in the People's Republic of China.] Perkins, Dwight, et al. 1977. Berkeley : Universit of California Press, (c) 1977. 0-0520-03284.
*[http://books.google.com/books?id=eOavOQrxcqYC&printsec=frontcover&dq=Rural+Small-Scale+Industry+in+the+People's+Republic+of+China&cd=1#v=onepage&q=&f=false Rural Small-Scale Industry in the People's Republic of China.] Perkins, Dwight, et al. 1977. Berkeley : Universit of California Press, (c) 1977. 0-0520-03284.
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*[http://books.google.com/books?id=bDBrQgAACAAJ&dq=Small+Scale+Cement+Plants.&cd=1 Small Scale Cement Plants.] Sigurdson, Jon. 1977. London : Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd., (c) 1977. 0-903031-46-9.
*[http://books.google.com/books?id=bDBrQgAACAAJ&dq=Small+Scale+Cement+Plants.&cd=1 Small Scale Cement Plants.] Sigurdson, Jon. 1977. London : Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd., (c) 1977. 0-903031-46-9.
*[[AT Sourcebook/Local Self-Reliance/Soft Technologies, Hard Choices|Soft Technologies, Hard Choices]]. Norman, Colin. 1978. Washington, U.S.A.: Worldwatch Institute, (c) 1978. 0-916468-20-8.
*[[AT Sourcebook/Local Self-Reliance#Soft Technologies, Hard Choices|Soft Technologies, Hard Choices]]. Norman, Colin. 1978. Washington, U.S.A.: Worldwatch Institute, (c) 1978. 0-916468-20-8.
*[http://books.google.com/books?id=2AiFAAAAIAAJ&q=Technologies+for+Basic+Needs&dq=Technologies+for+Basic+Needs&cd=1 Technologies for Basic Needs].Singer, Hans. 1977. Geneva, Switzerland: International Labour Organisation, (c) 1977. 92-2-101774-5
*[http://books.google.com/books?id=2AiFAAAAIAAJ&q=Technologies+for+Basic+Needs&dq=Technologies+for+Basic+Needs&cd=1 Technologies for Basic Needs].Singer, Hans. 1977. Geneva, Switzerland: International Labour Organisation, (c) 1977. 92-2-101774-5
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*[http://md1.csa.com/partners/viewrecord.php?requester=gs&collection=TRD&recid=20070650324167MT&q=towards+village+industry+a+strategy+for+development&uid=788391348&setcookie=yes Towards Village Industry - A Strategy for Development]. Berg, Liv; Nimpuno, Krisno;van Zwanenberg, Roger. 1978. United Kingdom: Intermidiate Technology Publications Ltd., (c) 1978. 0-903031-52-3
*[http://md1.csa.com/partners/viewrecord.php?requester=gs&collection=TRD&recid=20070650324167MT&q=towards+village+industry+a+strategy+for+development&uid=788391348&setcookie=yes Towards Village Industry - A Strategy for Development]. Berg, Liv; Nimpuno, Krisno;van Zwanenberg, Roger. 1978. United Kingdom: Intermidiate Technology Publications Ltd., (c) 1978. 0-903031-52-3
[[Category: International development]]
=== '''Workshop''' ===
=== '''Workshop''' ===
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*Workshop Exercises Metal Fundamental Skills
*Workshop Exercises Metal Fundamental Skills
=== '''Agriculture''' ===
=== '''Agriculture''' ===
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*The Winged Bean
*The Winged Bean
[[Category: Food and agriculture]]
[[Category: Built environment]]
=== '''Agricultural Tools''' ===
=== '''Agricultural Tools''' ===
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*[[AT Sourcebook/Forestry/Environmentally Sound SmallScale Forestry Projects|Environmentally Sound SmallScale Forestry Projects]]
*[[AT Sourcebook/Forestry/Environmentally Sound SmallScale Forestry Projects|Environmentally Sound SmallScale Forestry Projects]]
*[[AT Sourcebook/ForestryFirewood Crops|Firewood Crops]]
*[[AT Sourcebook/Forestry/Firewood Crops|Firewood Crops]]
*[[AT Sourcebook/Forestry/Forest Farming|Forest Farming]]
*[[AT Sourcebook/Forestry/Forest Farming|Forest Farming]]
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*Water Treatment and Sanitation
*Water Treatment and Sanitation
=== '''Water Supply: Sanitation''' ===
=== '''Water Supply: Sanitation''' ===
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*Wind Resistant Block Houses  
*Wind Resistant Block Houses  
*Background Reading
*Background Reading
[[Category:AT Sourcebook| ]]
[[Category:AT Sourcebook| ]]
[[Category:How tos]]
[[Category:Appropriate technology]]
[[Category:Built environment]]
[[Category:Food and agriculture]]
[[Category:International development]]
[[Category:Wood working]]

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Appropriate Technology Sourcebook, published by Village Earth, reviews over 1,150 of the best books on Appropriate technology. The complete text of the Sourcebook can be accessed on Village Earth's website here. Most of the books reviewed in the sourcebook are available as a collection in the AT Library on (28) CD-ROM or (2) DVD available for sale from Village Earth for $495 [1]. Village Earth offers very generous discounts for NGO's and orders to the Global South. Most of the literature in the sourcebook is under copyright although some is in the public domain. Many of the books can be found Faith and Sustainable Technologies.

Please review the list below and mark the copyright of the individual books. For those in the public domain please provide links or port them. You may need help on Porting or Porting PDF files to wiki

Complete List of Books by Subject in the Sourcebook and the AT Library[edit]

Background Reading[edit]

  • Appropriate Technology for African Women
  • Appropriate Technology: Problems and Promises
  • The Barefoot Book
  • Coming Full Circle
  • Design for the Real World
  • Experiences in Appropriate Technology
  • High Impact Appropriate Technology Case Studies
  • Introduction to Appropriate Technology
  • Paper Heroes
  • Participatory Approaches to Agricultural Research and Development
  • Questioning Development
  • Radical Technology
  • Repairs Reuse Recycling
  • Rural Women
  • Sharing Smaller Pies
  • Strategies for Small Farmer Development Projects
  • Technology and Employment in Industry
  • Technology for the Masses in Invention Intelligence
  • Towards Global Action for Appropriate Technology
  • Village Technology in Eastern Africa
  • When Aid is No Help
  • The World of Appropriate Technology

General References[edit]

  • Appropriate Technology and Research Projects
  • Appropriate Technology Directory
  • Appropriate Technology for Rural Development
  • Appropriate Technology Institutions: A Directory
  • Appropriate Technology Institutions: A Review
  • Appropriate Technology: Directory of Machines Tools Plants Equipment Processes and Industries
  • Bibliography of Appropriate Technology Information for Developing Countries
  • The Book of the New Alchemists
  • China at Work
  • Dick's Encyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Processes
  • Economically Appropriate Technologies for Developing Countries
  • Fichier Encyclopedique du Development Rural
  • Field Director's Handbook
  • Field Engineering
  • The Formula Manual
  • Foxfire Book 1
  • Foxfire Book 2
  • Foxfire Book 3
  • Foxfire Book 4
  • Foxfire Book 5
  • Foxfire Book 6
  • A Guide to Appropriate Technology Institutions
  • Guide to Convivial Tools
  • Guide to Technology Transfer in East Central and Southern Africa
  • How to Build Up a Simple Multidimensional Documentation System on Appropriate Technology
  • Intermediate Technology in Ghana
  • Introducing Family Planning in Your Neighborhood
  • The Journal of the New Alchemists Volume 1
  • The Journal of the New Alchemists Volume 3
  • The Journal of the New Alchemists Volume 4
  • The Journal of the New Alchemists Volume 5
  • Knots for Mountaineering: Camping Climbing Utility Rescue Etc.
  • Liklik Buk
  • The Mechanical Engineers' Pocket Book
  • Mini Technology II
  • Mini Technology
  • More Other Homes and Garbage
  • NonAgricultural Choice of Technology
  • One Hundred Innovations for Development
  • People's Workbook
  • Pictorial Handbook of Technical Devices
  • Simple Technologies for Rural Women in Bangladesh
  • Simple Working Models of Historic Machines
  • Soft Tech
  • Teknologi Kampungan
  • Tinker Tailor Technical Change
  • Traditional Crafts of Persia
  • The Use of the Radio in Family Planning
  • Village Technology Handbook
  • Visual Aids Tracing Manual
  • World Neighbors in Action

Local Self-Reliance[edit]

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  • The Breakdown of Nations - The study of economies, military forces, government programs, labor unions, businesses, neightbourhoods, and all other human endeavour. Kohr, Leopold. 1978. USA: E. P. Dutton, (c) 1978. 0-525-47529-X
  • A Landscape for Humans - A case study of the potentials for ecologically guided development in an uplands region. van Dresser, Peter. 1972. USA: The Lighting Tree, (c) 1972. 0-89016-005-8


  • Amateur's Workshop
  • Basic Machines and How They Work
  • Bearing Design and Fitting
  • The Beginner's Workshop
  • Blacksmithing
  • Blacksmithing Welding and Soldering
  • A Blacksmith's Bellows
  • DeCristoforo's Book of Power Tools Both Stationary and Portable
  • Electric Motor Test and Repair
  • Electroplating for the Amateur
  • Equipment for Rural Workshops Fabricating Simple Structures in Agricultural Engineering1
  • Fabricating Simple Structures in Agricultural Engineering
  • Farm Shop and Equipment
  • Foundrywork for the Amateur
  • Gear Wheels and Gear Cutting
  • General Metal Work Sheet Metal Work and Hand Pump Maintenance
  • Handtool Handbook for Woodworking
  • Hardening and Tempering Engineers' Tools
  • Heavy Duty Drill Press
  • How to Make a Folding Machine for Sheet Metal Work
  • How to Make Planes Cramps and Vices
  • How to Make Twelve Woodworking Tools
  • How to Mill on a Drill Press
  • How to Use Metal Tubing
  • How to Work Sheet Metal
  • How to Work with Copper Piping
  • Lathe Sanders
  • LeJay Manual
  • LostWax Casting
  • The Making of Tools
  • A Manual on Sharpening Hand Woodworking Tools
  • Metal Bending Machine
  • Metal Turning Lathe Built from Stock Parts
  • Metallurgy
  • Metalworking Handbook
  • The Modern Blacksmith
  • Motorize Your Hacksaw
  • A Museum of Early American Tools
  • Oil Drum Forges
  • Practical Blacksmithing
  • The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding
  • The Recycling Use and Repair of Tools
  • Scroll Saw
  • Sharpening Small Tools
  • Sheet Metal Brake
  • Sheet Metal Former
  • Shop Tactics
  • Small Scale Foundries for Developing Countries
  • Smelting Furnace
  • Spring Design and Calculation
  • Stocking Spare Parts for a Small Repair Shop
  • Technical Drawing
  • Technology Metal 1 Fundamental Skills
  • Three Welding Jigs
  • Tools and How to Use Them
  • Tools and Their Uses
  • Try Your Hand at Metal Spinning
  • TwoSpeed Bandsaw Cuts Wood and Metal
  • The Use of Hand Woodworking Tools
  • Welding Craft Practices
  • Wood Planer for $100
  • Workshop Exercises Metal Fundamental Skills


  • Agricultural Extension
  • Agricultural Extension: The Training and Visit System
  • AgroForestry Systems for the Humid Tropics East of the Andes
  • An Agromedical Approach to Pesticide Management
  • Alternative Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry in the Tropics
  • Approved Practices in Soil Conservation
  • The Art of the Informal Agricultural Survey
  • As You Sow
  • Backyard Composting
  • The Basic Book of Organic Gardening
  • Basic Soil Improvement for Everyone
  • Better Farming Series #1 The Plant: The Living Plant The Root
  • Better Farming Series #2 The Plant: The Stems; The Buds; The Leaves
  • Better Farming Series #3 The Plant: The Flower
  • Better Farming Series #4 The Soil: How the Soil is Made Up
  • Better Farming Series #5 The Soil: How to Conserve the Soil
  • Better Farming Series #6 The Soil: How to Improve the Soil
  • Better Farming Series #7 Crop Farming
  • Better Farming Series #8 Animal Husbandry: Feeding and Care of Animals
  • Better Farming Series #9 Animal Husbandry: Animal Disease
  • Better Farming Series #10 The Farm Business Survey
  • Better Farming Series #11 Cattle Breeding
  • Better Farming Series #12 Sheep and Goat Breeding
  • Better Farming Series #13 Keeping Chickens
  • Better Farming Series #14 Farming with Animal Power
  • Better Farming Series #15 Cereals
  • Better Farming Series #16 Roots and Tubers
  • Better Farming Series #17 Groundnuts
  • Better Farming Series #18 Bananas
  • Better Farming Series #19 Market Gardening
  • Better Farming Series #20 Upland Rice
  • Better Farming Series #21 Wet Paddy or Swamp Rice
  • Better Farming Series #22 Cocoa
  • Better Farming Series #23 Coffee
  • Better Farming Series #24 The Oil Palm
  • Better Farming Series #25 The Rubber Tree
  • Better Farming Series #26 The Modern Farm Business
  • Better Farming Series # Freshwater Fish Farming
  • The Book of Geese
  • China: Recycling of Organic Wastes in Agriculture
  • Code of Practice for Safe Use of Pesticides
  • Composting for the Tropics
  • Composting in Tropical Agriculture
  • Composting: Sanitary Disposal and Reclamation of Organic Wastes
  • Conservation Farming for Small Farmers in the Humid Tropics
  • The Design and Optimization of Irrigation Distribution Networks
  • Environmentally Sound Small Scale Agricultural Projects
  • Farm Management Research for Small Farmer Development
  • The Farmer's Guide
  • A Farmer's Primer on Growing Rice
  • Fields and Pastures in Deserts
  • Friends of the Rice Farmer
  • Gardening for Better Nutrition
  • Gardening with the Seasons
  • Goat Health Handbook
  • Growing Garden Seeds
  • Guayule
  • Guide for Field Crops in the Tropics and Subtropics
  • Guide for Small Holder Coffee Farmers
  • Guidelines for Watershed Management
  • Gully Control and Reclamation
  • Handbook of Tropical and Subtropical Horticulture
  • The Homesteader's Handbook for Raising Small Livestock
  • How to Grow More Vegetables
  • How to Make Fertilizer
  • How to Perform an Agricultural Experiment
  • Hydroponics
  • Illustrated Guide to Integrated Pest Management in Rice in Tropical Asia
  • Insights of Outstanding Farmers
  • Integrated Farm Management
  • Integrated Pest Management: A Catalogue of Training and Extension Materials
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Intensive Gardening for Profit and Self Sufficiency
  • Intercropping in Tropical Smallholder Agriculture with Special Reference to Wes tAfrica
  • Introduction to Soil and Water Conservation Practices
  • Irrigation Principles and Practices
  • Jojoba and Its Uses
  • Jojoba Happenings
  • Jojoba: A Guide to the Literature
  • Keeping Livestock Healthy
  • Leucaena Based Farming
  • Lost Crops of the Incas
  • Managing Pests and Pesticides in Small Scale Agriculture
  • Manual for Calculation of Check Dams
  • More Water for Arid Lands
  • The Nursery Manual
  • Operation and Maintenance of Small Irrigation Schemes
  • Permaculture II
  • Pigs and Poultry in the South Pacific
  • A Planning Guide for SmallScale Livestock Projects
  • Practical Poultry Raising
  • The Rabbit as a Producer of Meat and Skins in Developing Countries
  • Rabbit Production
  • Raising Goats for Milk and Meat
  • Raising Healthy Cattle Under Primitive Conditions
  • Raising Healthy Goats Under Primitive Conditions
  • Raising Healthy Pigs Under Primitive Conditions
  • Raising Healthy Poultry Under Primitive Conditions
  • Raising Healthy Rabbits Under Primitive Conditions
  • Raising Poultry the Modern Way
  • Raising Rabbits
  • Raising the Home Duck Flock
  • The Samaka Guide to Homesite Farming
  • The self-sufficient Gardener
  • Sheep Health Handbook
  • Simple Assessment Techniques for Soil and Water
  • Small Farm Development
  • Small Farm Weed Control
  • Small Plastic Greenhouses
  • Small Scale Irrigation
  • Small Scale Pig Raising
  • Soil Conservation
  • Soil Tillage in the Tropics and Subtropics
  • Soils Crops and Fertilizer Use
  • Surface Irrigation
  • Technology Applications Gap
  • Test the Soil First
  • Training and Visit Extension
  • Tropical Feeds
  • Tropical Legumes
  • Tropical Vegetables
  • Try the Rabbit
  • Two Ears of Corn
  • Underexploited Tropical Plants with Promising Economic Value
  • Understanding Small Farmers
  • Understanding Traditional Agriculture
  • The UNICEF Home Gardens Handbook
  • Vegetable Production Under Arid and SemiArid Conditions in Tropical Africa
  • Vegetable Seeds for the Tropics
  • Vetiver Grass
  • The Water Buffalo
  • The Winged Bean

Agricultural Tools[edit]

  • Adjustable Width VDrag Ditcher/Bund Former
  • The Agribar Operator's Manual
  • Agricultural Technology for Developing Nations
  • American Farm Tools
  • Animal Power in Farming Systems
  • Animal Traction in Africa
  • Animal Traction
  • The Animal Drawn Wheeled Tool Carrier
  • Animal Drawn Wheeled Tool carriers: Perfected Yet Rejected
  • Appropriate Industrial Technology for Agricultural Machinery and Implements
  • Bell Alarms and Sack Hoists in Windmills
  • Carts
  • Cassava Grinder
  • Cereal Processing
  • Chain Link Fence Making Machine
  • Chitedze Ridgemaster Toolbar
  • Clod Crushers Two Designs
  • Dibble Sticks Donkeys and Diesels
  • The Draft Horse Primer
  • Eight Simple Surveying Levels
  • The Employment of Draught Animals in Agriculture
  • Farm Implements for Arid and Tropical Regions
  • A Feeder to Improve the Performance of a Hand Operated Groundnut Sheller
  • Foot Powered Thresher
  • Guide Book for Rural Cottage and Small and Medium Industries: Paddy Rice Cultivation
  • The Handcart Handbook
  • A Hand Operated Bar Mill for Decorticating Sunflower Seed
  • A Hand Operated Winnower
  • The Harness Maker's Illustrated Manual
  • Harnessing and Implements for Animal Traction
  • The Harnessing of Draught Animals
  • Harrows
  • Horse Drawn Farm Implements
  • How to Repair Briggs and Stratton Engines
  • IDC Weeding Attachment for EMCOT Plow
  • IDCBornu Groundnut Lifter and IT Groundnut Lifter
  • Introduction of Animal Powered Cereal Mills
  • IT Expandable Cultivator
  • IT Granule Applicator
  • IT High Clearance Rotary Hoe
  • Kabanyalo Toolbar
  • Lightweight Seeder/Spreader
  • Making Coir Rope
  • Mechanics in Agriculture
  • MultiAction Paddy Field Puddling Tool
  • Oil Extraction
  • Oil Soaked Wood Bearings
  • Old Farm Tools and Machinery
  • OxDrawn Tie Ridger/Weeder Implement
  • A Pedal Operated Grain Mill
  • The Potential for SmallScale Solar Powered Irrigation in Pakistan
  • Prototype multipurpose OxDrawn Tool
  • The "Rasulia" Bladed Roller Thresher
  • Repair and Maintenance of Stationary Diesel Engines
  • Rice: Postharvest Technology
  • Root Crop Processing
  • Rotary Corn (Sorghum) Thresher
  • Rotary Weeder for Row Planted Rice
  • Rural Africa Development Project
  • The Scythe Book
  • Seed Dressing Drum (Hand Operated)
  • Single Row and ThreeRow Rice Seeders
  • Sled Type Corrugator Irrigation Furrow Former
  • Small Farm Equipment for Developing Countries
  • Small Gas Engines
  • Small Scale Maize Milling
  • Small Scale Oil Extraction from Groundnuts and Copra
  • Small Scale Processing of Oilfruits and Oilseeds
  • SmallScale Solar Powered Irrigation Pumping Systems
  • Solar Photovoltaics for Irrigation Water Pumping
  • Solar Water Pumping: A Handbook
  • Tools for Agriculture
  • Tools for Homesteaders Gardeners and SmallScale Farmers
  • Treadle Operated Peanut Thresher
  • The Tropicultor's Manual: Field Operations
  • The Weeder Mulcher
  • The Winnower
  • Winnowing Fan

Crop Preservation[edit]

  • Appropriate Technology for Grain Storage
  • China: Grain Storage Structures
  • Construction of a Brick Hot Air Copra Dryer
  • Cookbook for Building a Solar Crop Dryer
  • Domestic Grain Storage Bins
  • Dry It You'll Like It
  • Drying and Processing Tree Fruits
  • Drying Equipment for Cereal Grains and Other Agricultural Produce
  • Evaluation of the Bissa
  • Fish Processing
  • Food Drying
  • Fruit and Vegetable Processing
  • Guide to the Manufacture of Metal Bins
  • Handling and Storage of Food Grains in Tropical and Subtropical Areas
  • Home Scale Processing and Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables
  • How to Build a Solar Crop Dryer
  • How to Dry Fruits and Vegetables
  • How to Make a Solar Cabinet Dryer for Agricultural Produce
  • How to Salt Fish
  • Manual on Improved Farm and VillageLevel Grain Storage Methods
  • Systems
  • Postharvest Food Losses in Developing Countries
  • Potential of Solar Agricultural Dryers in Developing Areas Preservation of Foods
  • Principles of Potato Storage
  • Rural Home Techniques: Food Preservation
  • Simple Grain Drier
  • Small Farm Grain Storage
  • Small-Scale Processing of Fish
  • Solar Drying: Practical Methods of Food Preservation
  • Solar Grain Drying
  • Stocking Up
  • Storage Management
  • Storage of Food Grain
  • Storing Vegetables and Fruits in Basements Cellars Outbuildings and Pits
  • Sun Dry Your Fruits and Vegetables
  • A Survey of Solar Agricultural Dryers


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Water Supply: Background[edit]

  • Environmentally Sound Small-ScaLe Water Projects
  • Guidelines on Health Aspects of Plumbing
  • Water for the Thousand Millions
  • Hand Pump Maintenance in the Context of Community Well Projects
  • Programmes
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Using Water Resources
  • Design Problems for a Simple Rural Supply System
  • Gravity Flow Water Systems
  • Hand Drilled Wells
  • Hand Dug Wells and Their Construction
  • A Handbook of Gravity-Flow Water Systems for Small Communities
  • Manual for Rural Water Supply
  • Manual for Water Systems and Pipe Work
  • Public Standpost Water Supplies
  • Public Standpost Water Supplies: A Design Manual
  • Rainwater Harvesting for Domestic Water Supply in Developing Countries
  • Residential and non-residential Drinking Water Installations and Drainage Requirements in Buildings in Nepal
  • Rural Water Supply in China
  • Rural Water Supply in Developing Countries
  • Rural Water Supply in Nepal: Concrete
  • Rural Water Supply in Nepal: Construction Design Course
  • Rural Water Supply in Nepal: Hydrology and Water Cycle
  • Rural Water Supply in Nepal: Pipes and Fittings
  • Rural Water Supply in Nepal: Stone Masonry
  • self-help Wells
  • Small Community Water Supplies
  • Village Water Systems
  • Water Supply for Rural Areas and Small Communities
  • Water Wells Manual
  • Well Construction Using Curved Hollow Block
  • Wells Construction: handgun and HandDrilled

Water Supply: Pumps[edit]

  • Chinese Chain and Washer Pumps
  • Community Water Supply: The Handpump Option
  • A Comparative Assessment of Photovoltaics Handpumps and Diesels for Rural Water Supply
  • The Construction of a Hydraulic Ram Pump
  • Hand Pumps for Use in Drinking Water Supplies in Developing Countries
  • Handpumps Testing and Development: Proceedings of a Workshop in China
  • Handpumps Testing and Development: Progress Report on Field and Laboratory Testing
  • Hydraulic Rams3
  • Hydraulic Rams: Consumer's Guide
  • Laboratory Testing of Handpumps for Developing Countries
  • Manual of Information: RIFE Hydraulic Rams
  • A Manual on the Hydraulic Ram Pump for Pumping Water
  • Popular Mechanics Hydraulic Ram0
  • Pump Selection Pumps and Water Lifters for Rural Development
  • The Rower Pump
  • Use of Hydraulic Rams in Nepal
  • Village Hand-pump Technology
  • Water Current Turbines
  • Water-Pumping Devices
  • Women and the Transport of Water

Water Supply: Tanks[edit]

  • Ferrocement Water Tanks and Their Construction
  • Construction Manual for 3500 gal. Ferrocement Water Tank
  • Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Rainwater Collection Tanks
  • From Ferro to Bamboo

Water Supply: Treatment[edit]

  • How to Make a Solar Still (Plastic Covered)
  • Installation of a Solar Distillation Plant on Ile de la Gonave Haiti
  • Plans for a Glass and Concrete Solar Still
  • The Purification of Water on a Small Scale
  • Simple Solar Still for the Production of Distilled Water
  • Simplified Procedures for Water Examination
  • Slow Sand Filtration for Community Water Supply in Developing Countries
  • Design and Construction Manual
  • Construction Operation and Maintenance
  • Slow Sand Filtration
  • Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water and Oral Rehydration Solutions
  • Solar Distillation as a Means of Meeting Small Scale Water Demands
  • Water Treatment and Sanitation

Water Supply: Sanitation[edit]

  • A.T. for Water Supply and Sanitation: Sanitation Alternatives for LowIncome Communities4
  • A.T. for Water Supply and Sanitation: Technical and Economic Options
  • A.T. for Water Supply and Sanitation: A Planner's Guide
  • A.T. for Water Supply and Sanitation: Health Aspects of Excreta and Sullage Management
  • A.T. for Water Supply and Sanitation: LowCost Technology Options for Sanitation
  • A.T. for Water Supply and Sanitation: Sociocultural Aspects of Water Supply and Excreta Disposal
  • A.T. for Water Supply and Sanitation: Night Soil Composting
  • Aquaculture: A Component of Low Cost Sanitation Technology
  • The CoComposting of Domestic Solid and Human Wastes
  • Compost Toilets
  • The Design of Small Bore Sewer Systems
  • The Design of Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines
  • Double Vault Composting Toilets
  • Dry Composting Latrines in Guatemala
  • Excreta Disposal for Rural Areas and Small Communities
  • Goodbye to the Flush Toilet
  • How to Build a Pit Latrine
  • Human Faeces Urine and Their Utilization
  • Manual on the Design Construction and Maintenance of Low Cost PourFlush Waterseal Latrines in India
  • Natural Sewage Recycling Systems
  • Sanitation Handbook (Nepal)
  • Sanitation in Developing Countries
  • Sanitation Without Water
  • Septic Tank Practices
  • Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines

Water Supply: Solid Waste[edit]

  • Wastewater Irrigation in Developing Countries
  • Management of Solid Wastes in Developing Countries
  • Recycling from Municipal Refuse
  • Residential Water ReUse

Energy: General[edit]

Energy: Cookstoves[edit]

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Energy: Wind[edit]

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Energy: Water[edit]

Energy: Solar[edit]

Energy: Biogas[edit]

Housing and Construction[edit]

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  • Appropriate Building Materials
  • Bamboo as a Building Material
  • Bambu—Su Cultivo y Aplicaciones
  • The Book of Bamboo
  • Build a Yurt
  • Building to Resist the Effect of Wind: A Guide for Improved Masonry and Timber Connections in Buildings
  • Chawama SelfHelp Housing Project
  • Construire en Terre
  • Earth for Homes
  • Earth Sheltered Housing Design
  • Ferrocement a Versatile Construction Material
  • Ferrocement: Applications in Developing Countries
  • The $50 and Up Underground House Book
  • Fireplaces
  • Grasses—Their Use in Building
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Health Care[edit]

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  • Communicable Diseases
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  • Mosquito Control
  • Nutrition for Developing Countries
  • Nutrition Rehabilitation
  • Pediatric Priorities in the Developing World

Science Teaching[edit]

Nonformal Education[edit]

Small Enterprises[edit]

  • Basic Control of Assets
  • Basic Finances
  • Basic Marketing
  • Blacksmith Baker Roofing Sheet Maker
  • Business Arithmetic for Cooperatives and Other Small Businesses
  • The Business Plan
  • The Business Review
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  • Cooperative Accounting 2: Consumer Cooperative Societies
  • Cooperative Accounting 3: Marketing Cooperative Societies
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  • Refugee Enterprise
  • Rural Credit
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  • Stock Taking
  • Training Village Entrepreneurs

Local Communications[edit]

  • Communicating with Pictures
  • The Copy Book
  • Experiences in Visual Thinking
  • 57 How to Do It Charts on Materials and Equipment and Techniques for Screen Printing
  • Grass Roots Radio
  • How to Do Leaflets Newsletters and Newspapers
  • Illustrations for Development
  • Low Cost Printing for Development
  • The Low Cost Wooden Duplicator
  • The Organization of the Small Public Library
  • The Photonovel
  • Plain Talk
  • Print: How You Can Do It Yourself
  • Rural Mimeo Newspapers
  • Small Technical Libraries
  • Visual Communication Handbook
  • The StenScreen
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  • Women and Graphics


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  • Golden Insect
  • Home Honey Production
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  • Making and Using a Solar Wax Melter
  • Plans for a Complete Beekeeping System
  • Small Scale Beekeeping
  • Tropical and SubTropical Apiculture

Small Industries[edit]

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  • Basic Sewing Machine Repair
  • Book of Tempeh
  • Cane Sugar
  • Community Canning Centers
  • Dye Plants and Dyeing
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  • Environmentally Sound Leather Tanning
  • Glassware Manufacture for Developing Countries
  • Handloom Construction
  • How to Make Soap
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  • The Preparation of Soap
  • Remanufacturing
  • Rural Tanning Techniques
  • The Self Reliant Potter
  • Silkworm Rearing
  • Simple Methods of Candle Manufacture
  • Small Scale Manufacture of Footwear
  • Small Scale Papermaking
  • Small Scale Recycling of Plastics
  • Small Scale Weaving
  • Small Scale Gold Mining
  • Small Scale Mining
  • Small Scale Soapmaking
  • Soap Pilot Plant
  • Stone
  • Tanning of Hides and Skins
  • Traditional Cheesemaking
  • Vegetable Dyeing
  • The Village Texturizer
  • Work from Waste
  • Yay Soybeans!

Disaster Preparedness[edit]

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  • A Methodological Guide
  • and Architectural Considerations
  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Economic Issues in Housing Reconstruction
  • Emergency Health Management after Natural Disaster
  • Emergency Vector Control after Natural Disaster
  • Environmental Health Management after Natural Disaster
  • Establishing Needs after a Disaster
  • How to Build a House of Modern Adobe
  • Improving Building Skills
  • The Management of Nutritional Emergencies in Large Populations
  • Medical Supply Management after Natural Disaster
  • Minimum Standards for Cyclone Resistant Housing Utilizing Traditional Materials
  • Materials
  • Program Planning Guide
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  • Shelter After Disaster
  • Shelter after Disaster: Guidelines for Assistance
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Handbook for Emergencies: Field Operations
  • What is a Hurricane?
  • What is a Tidal Wave?
  • Wind Resistant Block Houses
  • Background Reading