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Part of WaterPod
Type Project, Device
Keywords Rainwater, water, rainwater catchment, rainwater collection, rainwater calculations
Sustainable Development Goals SDG03 Good health and well-being
Published by Lonny Grafman
Published 2009
License CC BY-SA 4.0
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Location New York

The WaterPod will be collecting rainwater from a few of the impermeable roof areas. The calculations for collection are on this spreadsheet. There are three tabs feeding the results:

  • Tab:Collection Calcs - Calculates the monthly availability of the rainwater.
  • Tab:Collections Dimensions - Calculates the available rainwater collection area based upon the planned structures.
  • Tab:Regional Climate Data - Show monthly rainfall from historical averages. Could be made more current.

Regional Climate Data[edit | edit source]

The historical 1971 - 2000 Rainfall Normals for Central Park, New York[1] are:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
3.42 3.27 4.08 4.2 4.42 3.67
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
4.35 4.01 3.89 3.56 4.47 3.91

Basic Calculation[edit | edit source]

[math]\displaystyle{ Collection\ Volume (gal) = Rainfall\ (in) \times \frac{1 ft}{12 in}\times Collection\ Area\ (ft^2) \times \frac{7.48 gal}{ft^3} \times Roof\ Coefficient \times Efficiency }[/math]


[math]\displaystyle{ V=R \times A\times k \times e }[/math]

(in some cases the efficiency of the system is assumed to be 100% and therefore equal to 1, having no effect on the rest of the equation.)

Click here for more detailed rainwater collection calculations and explanations.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Wait until the spreadsheet is finalized before posting the final conclusions here.