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While walking around St Kilda, a bayside suburb of the vibrant, lively city of Melbourne, Australia, you may happened upon the Veg Out community gardens.

Veg Out is that it's a place where friends, families and community groups can share seedlings, gardening tips and life stories. This modest community garden encourages people to work together, on little projects and giant ones. It also reminds us that growing our own food makes us more confident, self-sufficient, and wonderful human beings.

An article in a major Melbourne newspaper, An oasis of friendship grows with the vegies is about Lenny Pastro (image) who has held a plot at Veg Out for the last nine years.

"I always worked hard, so what am I going to do now? Sit in my flat and watch the television? I'd rather be out here in the garden, there's always someone to talk to, something to do, I love it."
— Lenny Pastro

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Fabulous, colourful, wonderful compost!

Image - A plot at Veg Out costs about AU$150 a year to lease.

Organic, chemical-free greens!

[1]]The philosophy. Note the final line "Gardening is an act of faith in the future". How wonderfully articulated is that?

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