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I’m Sara Khan, an electrical engineering graduate from Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), with a robust background in renewable energy and power system. After graduation, I bring 2.5 years of experience as a lecturer at Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (BAUET). I have recently transitioned to a research assistant role at Western University,one of Canada's top institutions and ranked #3 globally for sustainability. In my role, I focus on innovative sustainability projects and open-source technologies, contributing to the Free Appropriate Sustainability Technology (FAST) research group[1] under the guidance of Dr. Joshua M. Pearce.I am confident in my abilities and ready to take on any assigned duties and responsibilities with determination and expertise.I am dedicated to advancing renewable energy solutions and believe that collaboration is key to achieving sustainability goals. Let's connect and work together to drive impactful change.

Academic Background[edit | edit source]

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering | Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) | 2015-2019

  • Combined GPA: 3.54 out of 4.00.
  • Major:Power System, with coursework in Renewable Energy, Power System Protection, Power System Operations.
  • Thesis dissertation: Modelling and Simulation of Solar DC Nano Grid.

Work Experience[edit | edit source]

Research Assistant, Western University

November 2023- Present

  • Part of the Pale Blue Hydrogen project, focusing on innovative sustainability practices for generating and storing hydrogen as fuel source.
  • Contribute to solar-powered microalgae photobioreactor and 3D-printed hydrocyclone separators to support sustainable hydrogen energy production.
  • Collaborate on research and development of solar photovoltaic technology and open-source hardware to make solar energy more accessible and easier to adopt for a broader range of applications (agrovoltaics, floatovoltaics).

Ongoing Projects: I am currently involved in a range of projects focused on renewable energy, sustainability, and innovative technologies. Here are the key projects I am part of:

Hydrogen Project:I contribute to the Pale Blue Hydrogen project, which involves building a microalgae photobioreactor as an integral part of the project. I am responsible for designing and constructing the tensegrity structure that supports solar photovoltaic panels to power the photobioreactor and provide shading to avoid photoinhibition.

Microalgae Separation with Hydrocyclone:As part of the efforts to optimize microalgae harvesting, I help design and test a 3D-printed mini hydrocyclone. This innovative separator aims to reduce the cost and complexity of harvesting microalgae from its medium, offering an efficient preliminary separation method before using more expensive techniques.

Tutor, Tutor Doctor

September 2022-November 2023

  • Personalized teaching of high school Physics XI, XII, and Mathematics XI,XII
  • Creating study materials and conducting lectures to help students excel in their exams and tests
  • Maintaining regular communication with parents about updates on their child's academic advancement

Lecturer, Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (BAUET)

March 2020-September 2022

Profile Link:
  • Offered courses like Renewable Energy, Electrical Circuits, Electronic Circuits, Power System Protection, Power Plant Engineering etc. to students of first year to final year
  • Coordinated and facilitated student-related activities, programs, and services of EEE Batch 06 (36 students) and EEE Batch 15 (30 students) as student coordinator.
  • Oversaw functioning of Electrical Machine Laboratory as Lab in-charge
  • Kept documents organized and up to date both electronically (in Google drive) and in hardcopy
  • Scheduled various departmental activities and meetings
  • Prepared routine as routine coordinator for Fall-2021
  • Submitted Self Assessment Report (SAR) as a team member of Accreditation Committee

Trainings[edit | edit source]

Industrial Training at Ghorashal Training Center, Bangladesh Power Development Board |8th May 2018 – 23th May 2018

  • Visited total six units of steam turbine power plant and two units of combined cycle power plant (CCPP)
  • Inspected operations and maintenance of turbine, generator and auxiliaries

Training on HVDC Power Transmission | IEEE RUET Student Branch and IEEE RUET IAS Student Branch |24th Feb 2019 – 30th Feb 2019

  • Learned about HVDC transmission system, components, equipment and their characteristics and controls
  • Inspected high voltage testing of transformers used for commercial purposes.

Research Interest[edit | edit source]

My research interest lies in sustainable green energy sources, with a strong conviction that renewable energy, especially solar power, will play a significant role in the future. During my undergraduate thesis, I introduced the concept of a Solar DC Nano Grid system, designed to provide DC electricity to areas in Bangladesh where there is no access to the national grid. The modelling and simulation was done using MATLAB Simulink. My research focuses on solar photovoltaic systems, nano grid, micro grid, hybrid grid and perovskite solar cell.

Publications[edit | edit source]

S. Khan and M. M. Rahman, "Design and Simulation of Solar DC Nano Grid System from Bangladesh Perspective," 2021 International Conference on Automation, Control and Mechatronics for Industry 4.0 (ACMI), 2021, pp. 1-6, Year: 2021

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