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OSSTIP and Sustainable Transport Informatics
A Project Report and Related Resources for Analysing and Developing Improved Transportation Networks using Free and Open Source Software
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OSSTIP and Sustainable Transport Informatics[edit | edit source]

A Project and How-To Resources for Improving Public Transport Networks using Open Data and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)[edit | edit source]

The OSSTIP Project - Introduction
OSSTIP: Open Source Sustainable Transport Informatics Platform
Key Transport Planning Concepts
Sustainable transport
Integrated multimodal network planning
Public transport prioritisation
Key Concepts Regarding Information Systems Applied to Transport
Public transport informatics
Transport modeling reform
Free software
Open source software
Free licenses
Specific Key Data Resources and Standards Crucial for Public Transport Network Analysis
GIS-T Public Transport Tools Review
Open Source GIS-T Public Transport Tools Review
Travel time maps
Global Cities with Leading Public Transport Systems
Introduction to Melbourne Case-Study Area for OSSTIP Development
Melbourne sustainable transport reform
Beyond Zero Emissions
OSSTIP General "Work Packages"
OSSTIP/WP1- Initial data gathering and familiarisation
OSSTIP/WP2- Transport Informatics tools review
OSSTIP/WP3- Setup and design of Spatial Data Infrastructure to support project
OSSTIP/WP4- Display of current Melbourne PT network in chosen tool
OSSTIP/WP5- Workflow for conversion of GIS data into PT network schedule
OSSTIP/WP6- Capacity to modify and extend existing route lines from GTFS into new timetable
OSSTIP Work Packages Developed with Beyond Zero Emissions
OSSTIP/WPBZE1- Phase 1 Display of new BZE Network in OSSTIP
OSSTIP/WPBZE2- Evaluation of OSSTIP Tools Batch Trip Routing Capabilities for OD Datasets
OSSTIP/WPBZE3- Creation and configuration of web server to communicate BZE network reform proposals using interactive tool
OSSTIP/WPBZE4- Conversion of refined BZE Version 2 network into timetable form and display in OSSTIP
OSSTIP Work Packages Developed with the Public Transport Users' Association
OSSTIP/WPPTUA1- Developing a timetable for a higher-frequency SmartBus network
OSSTIP/WPPTUA2- Developing a timetable for an extended, higher-speed, higher-frequency tram network
OSSTIP/WPPTUA3- Developing a timetable for an extended, higher-frequency train network
OSSTIP/WPPTUA4- Integrating all proposed network changes into a multimodal OpenTripPlanner instance and generating analysis reports
Integrating OSSTIP Work
OSSTIP/Project blog
Relevant General Concepts
Community Informatics
Indicator frameworks