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I plan to tie all of the work and modules together with skills towards resilience and water security. I will also springboard from the ludicrosity of using the purest drinking water in the world for watering and pooping.


Here are some possible learning modules to tie into our field work.

Rainwater catchment[edit]

I will probably tie in systems in poor countries and the global status of rainwater catchment into US based systems.

Example systems: La Yuca rainwater catchment and CCAT rainwater catchment system.

Sizing tools: Rainwater Collection Calculator

Greywater treatment[edit]

I will probably tie in large-scale municipal level wastewater treatment into small-scale, home-based, subsurface flow, greywater treatment.

Example systems: The Bottoms wildlife pond greywater marsh and AEF greywater

Sizing tools: Subsurface flow constructed wetland for greywater and Greywater calculator.

PS not proud of this, but here is a little video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkb-eaNufD0

Water filtration[edit]

I will discuss the various levels of treatment based on needs and costs. Technologies covered: Slow-sand filters, first flushes, mycofiltration, ceramic, impregnated silver, activated carbon, UV, etc.

Examples: Waterpod filters and La Yuca slow sand


I will focus on recharging the aquifer, reducing erosion and beautification.

Examples: CCAT trench swales and Potawot swales.

Water for Food[edit]

I will probably focus on sizing and treatment for lawn to gardens and lazy gardening.


I only have some experience with full aquaponics systems. I could have much more before the summer if necessary. Kiva already does.

Examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4P8N24zUic

Other Related Skills[edit]

  • Measuring flow (multiple methods): bucket; float; T-square
  • Measuring with personal stride
  • Surveying (multiple methods): stick and level; line level, hose and water
  • Finding contours: A-frame
  • Sizing pipes: Reading tables
  • Dimensional analysis for sizing
  • much more...
  • Additional concepts/vocabulary: BOD, COD, HRT, GPM, LPS, Volume, Area, TSS, Fecal Coliform, Eutrophication, pitch, slope, embedded energy, head, etc.