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I am currently a Project Manager and Energy Analyst for Redwood Energy in Arcata, CA. I have a BS degree from Cal Poly Humboldt in Environmental Science, Energy and Climate, as well as a Minor in Studio Arts, with an emphasis on Metal Sculptures. I love to learn, and have a passion to save the world and make it a better place for future generations.

Major[edit | edit source]

  • Environmental Science, focusing on Energy and Climate
  • Studio Art, focusing on Metals

Practivistas Dominicanas[edit | edit source]

Nombre: Jenna Bader
Teléfono en Santo Domingo: 809 905 7541
Dirección en Santo Domingo: Gazcue

Intereses en Tecnología Apropiada[edit | edit source]

  • construccion natural
  • la eficiencia energia

Experencia en Tecnología Apropiada[edit | edit source]

Engineering 215: Intro to Design[edit | edit source]

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Wave Power
  • Inventing Kinetic Energy Capturing Devices
  • Biomimicry

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

Engineering 215 Portfolio[edit | edit source]

Below are samples of my work from the Engineering 215 Introduction to Design course from my Fall 2011 semester at HSU. All samples were based on a bicycle-powered generator project designed and implemented by Team U^s, including me and 3 other Engineering students. The project design is called Geared-Up From the Feet-Up.

Engineering 305: Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • Bicycle power
  • User information and education
  • Clean water, clean air, sustainability
  • Green Building

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • Bicycle powered generator
  • Welding
  • Several do-it-yourself, woodworking, arts and craft projects

Fun Links[edit | edit source]

CSSC Fall 2013 Spiral Hug at HSU

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  3. Residential Solar Data Collection and Monitoring (2 068 page views) Update!
  4. Flock House Geared-Up From the Feet-Up (1 774 page views) Update!
  5. Raspberry Pi (1 269 page views) Update!

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