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BetterMeans (when I have a good connection):

Bot tasks:

  • Remove inappropriate redirects to userspace. "(?si)#redirect ?\[\[User:.*]]" -> create a list of pages to check and delete. (Redirects from names aren't a big problem. Redirects to pages that are unsuitable due to quality concerns are a problem.)

Quick jobs[edit | edit source]

Appropedia manual of style?[edit | edit source]

For a more well-presented Appropedia, I'd like to see some consistency in presentation - layout and formatting. These affect quite a few pages, and if I just started changing things I'd put some noses out of joint, so I'd like us to have some agreement. Here are some things I've noticed, with tentative solutions. I don't want to crack down on good people who do things differently from me; I do hope to come to an agreement, and I do want to hear other views. Here's what I'm thinking...

  • Categories are usually placed at the end, but sometimes at the top. This is only an issue when editing. I like them at the bottom, because (a) it's what I'm used to (on Wikipedia and some other wikis, and it's how I've edited here); and (b) if a new editor visits the page, I think it's good if what they see at the top of the edit box matches what they see on the page, as much as possible. (Conversely, perhaps some journals place keywords at the beginning of articles, so it makes sense from an academic point of view?)
  • Capitalization of page titles and headers. We have a guide at Help:Page naming, but many pages follow different formats, especially with headers, e.g. "How It Works" instead of the suggested "How it works". (I'm not upset if someone does it differently - I just want there to be agreement on whether it's ok to go and fix up the headers.)
  • Titles - plural or singular? I pushed for plurals in the beginning, and that's become the default for many of us, but other editors do it differently. And sometimes I think my idea of plural titles was daft - there are some words where the plural isn't obvious (E.g. is it technology, as an uncountable noun, or technologies?) There are a few issues - see Appropedia:Village pump #Capitals in titles - change the convention? Note that there will always be exceptions and we need to be very clear about them, and avoid changing inappropriately. (A few pages need to be clearer about whether they're projects or topic pages - and that affects the page name.)
  • Headers at the beginning of articles, esp Introduction, Background, Definition, Abstract, or a header that's identical to the page title. I don't see the need for these, and it introduces confusion for anyone trying to emulate existing pages in creating a new page. Removing it would also bring the first sentences closer to the top of the page in most cases (by dropping the table of contents to the next section), which is good for clarity. (Exceptions for this policy: Journal papers are required to have a header for the intro, I think, so if such a paper is replicated here and the author wants to keep it, that's fine.) If we're agreed, I could run my bot and delete most of these in an hour or two's work.
  • Notices marking a page as the work of a particular institution - where do they go, top, bottom or side? Does it matter whether it's a topic page or a project page?
  • Categories for a particular class, especially on topic pages, could give the impression that the page is "owned". How about a template notice giving visible credit to the class, which includes the category, but make it a hidden category.

Guidelines for usernames and filenames:

  • Choose a name which is as private or as public as you wish - real names are optional here.
  • We suggest a readable name - one that can be read as a word, rather than having to be spelled out, such as Acj482. A readable name makes it easier for others in the community to remember and recognize you.
  • Filenames should be descriptive - avoid default names given by your camera. Avoid date-and-time stamps that go down to the minute and second. For a picture of yourself, use your username or real name. Avoid generic words like "my", unless your username is mentioned.

Deal with PATBs[edit | edit source]


  • check against other pages.
  • move dubious ones to userspace? Or move all to userspace? Redirect to the better pages.
  • Check footer/history before moving.

Category cleanup[edit | edit source]

Cleanup & make consistent the subcategories of:

Please add to this list. To link a category, use a colon, like this: [[:Category:Wind]]

Request help via blog - draft:

Over a breakfast meeting with Mitra Ardron recently, he described how he's someone who prefers to navigate via categories, rather than search - and he'd come up with some examples on Appropedia that are very confusing.

Now, anyone can edit the categories in a wiki, but it's best if final changes are made by someone who's been working with the wiki and with the categories for a long time - so I'm putting out a request for help. Have a look through our categories, by:

  • looking up topics you're interested in, or
  • browsing the Category Tree.

Find examples of confusing categories - places where categories are duplicated, badly named, or you wouldn't know which category to use on a page. Then paste the category names or links in the comments below.


Moving categories[edit | edit source]

Then use bot to remove {{Browsetopic}} and {{Newpageresource}}. Have asked about {{Topicadmin}}

"Nowiki" topic categories in userspace[edit | edit source]

  • exceptinsidetag:nowiki
  • Ensure doesn't include cat links starting "[[:"

Use manual check, if possible with an edit-modified-version-in-browser or tk editor option.

Dev wiki[edit | edit source]

Change group membership on dev site after update:

  • User:Tahnokbot from (none) to Bots
  • User:Munimortal from (none) to Administrators, Bureaucrats and Widget editors (tech intern)
  • User:RichardF from (none) to Administrators and Widget editors (play with widgets)
  • User:Tahnok from (none) to Administrators, Bureaucrats and Widget editors (have fun :-))
  • User:Woozle from (none) to Administrators and Widget editors (may wish to help with site dev)
  • User:Willd from (none) to Administrators (to play with new features esp semantic)

Partnerships[edit | edit source]

Misc jobs[edit | edit source]

On hold...[edit | edit source]

Hoping for help with some of these

  • Wikilink bot
  • Categorization bot
  • Writing articles...
  • Turning raw ported content into articles.