A place for working on templates and tools to make it easier for hardware projects to be documented in Appropedia.

Draft[edit | edit source]

Each subelement is a tutorial or similar


  • General description
    • clear communication
    • create, contribute, fork?


  • Type, version, keywords, external links, related projects
    • version control & how versioning works in appropedia? what's open know how
    • versions and releases (contribution mgmt)
  • Tech specs


  • BoM
    • best practices

TEMPLATE: INFOCARD (C/U steps template)

  • User instructions
    • who is your user?
  • Assembly instructions
  • Contribution guidelines
    • best practices
  • Files
    • editable formats

To do[edit | edit source]

  • one path is oshwa-related (mature project)
  • other path is more mapping-related (minimum requirements)
  • all open know how compatible


Proposal[edit | edit source]

How to make writing docs approachable?

  • Defining minimum items at Appropedia:Toolbox.
  • Defining possible use cases where toolbox might be derived and how to do so.
  • Documenting complete, well-structured and descriptive prefilled pages (example: User:Emilio/sandbox).

Preloads[edit | edit source]

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