These masks are NOT approved for COVID-19 prevention. More information

User:M.Kreiger created this page to create a "repository" of sorts for seamstresses to gather information on tools that can help them make masks faster. Like most of my work, this page is a work in progress.

St Charles Healthcare Mask (SCH)[edit | edit source]

To find the most updated information for this mask, please visit:

How to make SCH mask[edit | edit source]

Pleating Jig Final (SCH).jpeg

Videos on how to make this mask & how to make the Jig for pleating this mask: Videos by YouTube user: bend photo; Assembled jig diagram: Beth H.



Printable Pleating Jig Pattern[edit | edit source]

Fabric 9x8 Mask StCH JigTemplate.pdf

A complete printable pattern file was not able to be located, so User:M.Kreiger used the open-source information from the videos above & the diagram to create a printable jig pattern and to share here for widespread use. Printable jig pattern located here

Printable 1/2" Bias Tape Jig Pattern[edit | edit source]

Paper pattern for half-inch bias tape maker

A paper alternative to the 3D printed bias tape maker. Printable pattern for half-inch bias tape jig 1-APR-2020: Other Printable Jig Patterns are in progress.

External links[edit | edit source]

Appropriate technology resources for COVID-19 crisis

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