The Third World Development Online Library (CD3WD) is an open access collection of technical documents on appropriate technologies. Created by Alex Weir, the database has over 900 documents totaling more than 13 GB of information. More information and links for the project can be found at the CD3WD website..[1]

A full list of publications, with links to full text is available at the referenced website.

Some titles are also available on Appropedia at the CD3WD page.

The Restart of the CD3WD Project

In November on 2021 friends of Alex Weir, Oliver Walker decided to restart the project with the help of other past friends of Alex, They ended up going with a new URL address due to the old one being taken over. This new website is Version 3.4 of the 2010 CD3WD site. With the help the help of past friends and people who have worked with Alex in the past the new CD3WD Project has gotten access to most of Alex Weirs work, approximately 250 Gb of data and documents to be released in 2022.

Please note the old websites are no longer up and running, Alex Weir died in 2014 the original creator of CD3WD, The site has been placed back online as the CD3WD Project as of late 2021 with the help of some of Alex Weir's past friends and can be found at

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