Origins[edit | edit source]

Originally beginning in the USA there Rainbows seek a close harmony with people and planet. There are several gatherings organized a year to explore this. Although the rainbow philosophy does not encourage disruptive relations, large numbers of people can seem intimidating to suspicious rural residents. So the rainbows are quite cautious about publicity.

and a mailing list

2010 in Europe[edit | edit source]

In this file you can find all the information you need about the European Gathering in Finland 11 July - 10 August 2010:

The European Rainbow Family of Living Light has been gathering together for more than 25 years. Each year we form a new Rainbow Village in a new a Magic Circle in the Cathedral of Nature! Our gatherings have always been, and always will be completely free & non-commercial. There are no entry tickets nor vendors. We come together to share food, heal ourselves, heal the planet, celebrate life, and pray for peace. Everybody takes part at Rainbow Family Gatherings. Participate! Rainbow is a Large tribe of Volunteers. Together WE make it happen--- every one of us!

Finland has been chosen for our one-month-long 2010 gathering. Finland is a northern land that remains darker than most during winter. All of us Peace Pilgrims are hungry to know more about Finland and her people. Finland will have more daylight than most lands during the summer .... maybe all night long will be daytime! Welcome Home to Finland.

The mission of this newsgroup is four-fold:>

- To share information. > + Where + When + How + Who + <. Let us make information luminous, illuminating, transparent. Share what you know. - To share questions - travel, language, customs, getting there, staying there, taking part, and more. - To start projects - kitchen, health, children, workshops, music, love, light, laughter, magic. - To share Art. a song, a joke, a poem, a picture, Be free! ... open your heart, your mind, your eyes & ears. Make love with words. Be yourself -- express yourself.

This newsgroup is for the heartful preparation of the Finland Gathering. Please post freely and profusely. Any posts of an inappropriate or offensive or commercial character will be deleted. Please only post topics relating to our gathering. Thank You.

We can pray for peace every moment of the day. We can pray for peace as we sit and exchange information on the world-wide-web. Let us Participate.... each one, in building a Big Circle in Finland!!

see also Ting

2010 in USA[edit | edit source]

Rainbow spring council has decided on Pennsylvania for national gathering. If my experience with PA gatherings is any indicator, this one will be huge, probably topping previous max record for attendance. I am going to guess 30K will be the population- biggest yet. So I am quite sure it will be in the Allegheny National Forest. Watch these sites for updates/directions:

Read the rap 107 LIVE IT!

We will be doing a permaculture/tribal techno themed camp... so this will be a new one (electric techno music) at rainbow... I will let Guy deal with the friction on that! (He's good at that). You can look for us there, or I will be at Green Paths camp, probably be set up there during cleanup.

My experience is that the water has always been good in Allegheny, and NERF always does a good job with the piping (they are east coast- organised!)

If you are coming from pittsburgh area you might hit 3 sisters farm for groceries before getting to the gathering which is where I took my permaculture certification course. That's coming up for august. what a thing to do when clean up gets wrapped up if we're in the neighborhood.

Following this, there will be a WA regional last week of aug, first of sep. at 'power lake' eastern WA.

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