Medical skill data
Required time 2 hours

The "Plunge Detector" is an optional layer in the ETALO simulators - this layer will signal to you the learner when/if you have drill too far passed the far cortex of your bone simulator.

Critical to safe bone drilling is the skill to avoid "plunging". Plunging is when the drill goes too far into the soft tissues on the far side of the bone - if someone does this in a live human, the drill/pin can damage vital structures like arteries, nerves, tendons, and muscle. Thus, to avoid causing injury, it is important to learn how to control the drill properly and avoid plunging. Plunging is something carefully described in our videos and is a critical component of our simulator. The plunge detector consists of aluminum foil connected to a circuit consistently of either a buzzer or a light - the sound or light alerts the learner they plunged too far into the soft tissues.

  • 0:00 Assembling the plunge detector layer
  • 0:05 Making the aluminium foil layer
  • 0:23 How to build a plunge detector
  • 0:31 Materials needed for building a plunge detector
  • 1:49 Connecting the circuit
  • 2:28 Assembling the plunge detector
  • 3:17 Testing the plunge detector
  • 0:00 Assembling the circuit for the plunge detector
  • 0:06 Connecting the circuit using a buzzer extracted from a success card
  • 1:06 Connecting the circuit using a buzzer bought from an electric shop/store
  • 0:00 Connecting the plunge detector circuit to an electric drill
  • 0:20 Connecting the circuit to an electric drill
  • 0:36 Testing the plunge detector circuit connected to an electric drill
  • 0:00 Making a circuit with an external battery
  • 0:07 Components of a simple electric circuit
  • 0:11 Connecting the components of a simple electric circuit
  • 0:37 Attaching circuit to simulator
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