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Founded 2006
Founders Lonny Grafman
Active? Yes
Member of Open Sustainability Network
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Aliases The Appropedia Foundation
Authors Chris Watkins
Published 2007
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The Appropedia Foundation is the organization that manages the Appropedia website, provides leadership on the promotion of projects, and actively supports related projects in open knowledge, sustainability, development, and service-learning in related areas.

The Appropedia Foundation is a California non-profit organization and has 501(c)(3) status under United States law. The Foundation's Federal EIN (Tax ID) is 20-8982657.

Board of directors[edit | edit source]

Name Username Brief bio Location
Lonny Grafman Lonny Instructor at Humboldt State University Arcata, California
Chris Watkins Chriswaterguy Water and sanitation engineer; fair trade importer West Java, Indonesia, and Sydney, Australia
Curt Beckmann Curtbeckmann Engineering development manager and entrepreneur Los Gatos, California
Andrew Lamb Andrew.lamb CEO of Engineers Without Borders UK; RedR; UNESCO London, UK
Emilio Velis Emilio Velis Industrial engineer San Salvador, El Salvador
Former directors
Catherine Laine Claine1 Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group Boston, Massachusetts
Joel Scott Joel.scott Attorney Bay Area, California

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