Problem statement should include text that looks like, "The objective is to....".

Use tables, not images of tables. You should change your cost table to an appropredia type table. Make sure cost table decimal points line up. See

Add more photos and make sure they have captions. Consider including poster as image near top. Your pie chart needs a caption.

For your 'how-to-build' section, use See these pages for examples: or for examples (also !).

See for how to do citations.

NEW COMMENT 12/5/12 -You should put all of your how to build section into the green "how to build" table. -Your cost table should look like this: See

Please correct the erroneous and dangerous image media:Real_wiring_diagram.png (in addition, give it a specific name as required.) --Lonny 19:22, 5 December 2012 (PST)

NEW COMMENT 25/07/2020 (day/month/year) I think it would be cheaper to get rid of the electronics altogether, and make a mechanical pedal-powered blender. Google "pedal powered blender" to see examples, especially examples which still leave the bicycle usable as a bicycle, with quick and easy removal of the blender part, if needed to carry a second person, or if needed to switch the bicycle into cargo-bike mode (google "cargo bicycle africa" for more examples).

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