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These are the instructions for the assembly and construction of Current Specialists' Onderdonk's Box education tool.

How to Build[edit | edit source]

Plywood used on project (Photo by Brian Weekly)

Cut 1/2" thick plywood to dimensions required for box. Onderdonk's Box required the following cuts of plywood for construction: two 18"x6", one 6"x13", one 3.5"x13", four 1/2"x18", four 1"x3.5", and two 12"x18" pieces. Also cut to 12"x18" for the box top is a piece of 1/4" polycarbonate.

Glued and stapled wall (Photo by Brian Weekly)

Glue, then staple a 1/2" strip of plywood to a 12" wall piece 1/4" from the top of the wall piece. Measure a half inch below the strip, then glue and staple another 1/2" strip of plywood. Directly below this second strip and at both ends of the wall, glue and staple a 1"x3.5" block. Finally, glue and staple a third 1/2" strip to the bottom of the wall. Repeat for other wall piece.

Slider with Polyethylene (Photo by Arrow Walker)

Cut a 1" diameter channel down the center of one 12"x18" piece of plywood to within 1.75" from the end. Come in 2 inches from each side and cut two smaller channels to the same distance for the terminals, leaving as small a gap between the terminals and the plywood as possible. Paint the sheet of plywood with a sealer.

Painted Box (Photo by Arrow Walker)

Paint the entire outside of the box then coat it in a clear-coat layer.

Polycarbonate with holes (Photo by Arrow Walker)

Drill holes in the polycarbonate to allow copper rods, battery wires, and light bulb bases to protrude through. Align the holes to match that of the access slider.

Components glued in (Photo by Arrow Walker)

Glue the above mentioned components to the polycarbonate from the underside using E6000 and solvent when applicable. Place the polycarbonate sheet upside down on top of the now constructed box. Insert solid sheet of 12"x18" plywood into gap between the upper 4 pieces of 1/2" plywood. Push terminals down until they touch the plywood so that height will be uniform. Allow 24 to 48 hours to bond.

Wires glued and soldered (Photo by Arrow Walker)

Extend the wires from the battery casings and attach alligator clips to the ends of each wire, then glue wires together in the middle to allow access through the slider sheet.

Bottom of Poly Carbonate (Photo by Brian Weekly)

Remove the polycarbonate's protective covering before applying adhesive to the inside of the box's top. Flip the polycarbonate to its upright position. Push the polycarbonate down to the box.

Finished Box (Photo by Brian Weekly)

Attach eye bolts to the end of the sliders and check that the sliders fit in the gap.

Light test (Photo by Brian Weekly)

Test the connections and various configurations.

How to Maintain[edit | edit source]

Maintenance is generally limited to replacing light bulbs and batteries when they expire.

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