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Authors Eileen Kaufman
Sandot Sukkaew
Location Thailand, Asia
Links http://www.tacomepai.com

Permaculture is a sustainable agricultural system that takes inspiration from patterns, processes and systems of nature, and integrates best sustainable land use practise from around the world; both traditional and modern.

Tacomepai is a unique community permaculture farm in Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand. The farm aims to achieve sustainability and the ethics promoted by permaculture, whilst maintaining traditional hill tribe practices and cultures. The farm also runs as a homestay that has created a dynamic and vibrant community, promoting skill sharing, self reliance and personal empowerment. This course helps start up a new permaculture project undertaken by Sandot Sukkaew has the aim of creating a living example to teach local people the practical use and harmonious care of their resources. Web: http://www.tacomepai.com

The course taught by Australian permaculture designer Eileen Kaufman (http://web.archive.org/web/20120422235506/http://www.bioorganicgardener.com:80/) and Sandot Sukkaew, the founder of Tacomepai will share his expertise in local skills, including methods of natural building techniques (both bamboo and mud),recognition of native forest herbs and plants and their particular uses.

The aim is to develop your awareness in sustainability, give you the self confidence and ability to develop a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Permaculture is needed all around the world, share the knowledge on Appropedia:

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Authors eileen, Lonny Grafman
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Organizations Tacomepai
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