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Always check the sustainability of the seafood you buy, before you buy it. Sustainable seafood is just a first step towards healthier oceans, and helps to stave off disaster for critical species.

It's not enough to eat sustainable seafood - we must choose restorative seafood, to revive our oceans and its threatened species.

Sustainable seafood[edit | edit source]

Aquaculture is not necessarily sustainable, especially for carnivorous fish feeding on caught fish. Pollution is also a serious issue.

Support the development of sustainable seafood industries - see the video below.

Support policies and regulations that protect fish stocks, and especially fish breeding areas.

Create fish breeding areas, for example through artificial reefs.

How to buy sustainable seafood[edit | edit source]

Find a seafood guide from a reliable source, for your region. These generally categorize seafoods as red for "D

Friend of the Sea is an Not for profit International NGO and also a major certification program for sustainable products and seafood from fisheries and aquaculture. Audits are run by independent certification bodies based on strict requirements. More info and a list of certified products is available at

Please add appropriate lists by region:

Australian Marine Conservation Society - Seafood Listings
Friend of the Sea

Develop sustainable seafood industries[edit | edit source]


Restorative seafood[edit | edit source]


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