Welcome to Step 1 of the ALL-SAFE platform. Here the learner will go through a pre-test and interactive case scenario to learn about laparoscopic management of ectopic pregnancy.

Pre-test[edit | edit source]

Learners will first take a pre-test to assess their baseline knowledge of the topic.

ALL-SAFE Pre-test video description

Case scenario[edit | edit source]

The psychomotor learning is embedded in the sequence of a full clinical case, allowing the learner to digest pre-, intra-, and operative concepts of ectopic pregnancy.

For the GSTC Judges, to learn more about how our physical simulator has been integrated into the complete surgical training module, please click here.

Learners will go through an interactive case scenario with embedded course material. The case scenario is presented in a question / answer format. As learners progress through the case, they will digest information that is presented to them as they answer case questions. It is highly recommended that the learner be familiar with this content before proceeding to the skill pages.

Case Scenario PDF

ALL-SAFE Case Scenario video description

Cognitive Pilot[edit | edit source]

In order to validate the cognitive knowledge portion our platform, we conducted a "cognitive pilot."

Methods: 20 participants from 3 sites completed the web-based cognitive modules (pre-test, case scenario, and post-test). Participants included 2 Ob/Gyn attendings, 2 General Surgery attendings, 3 first-year residents, 1 second-year resident, 1 third-year resident, and 7 medical students. All participating sites were represented (Mbingo, n=3; Soddo, n=6; Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, n=3; University of Michigan School of Medicine, n=8).

The identical (but shuffled in presentation) 10-item pre- and post-module quizzes were scored dichotomously (1=correct, 0=incorrect) and summed for each participant. Pre- and post-module summed scores were compared using paired student-test with SPSS Statistics for Windows v.25 (IBM, Armonk, NY) while differences in scores across participants' experience and site were analyzed using a many-facet Rasch model using Facets software v. 3.50 (Winsteps.com, Beaverton, OR) following anchoring on subjects to accommodate for nested design across sites.

Results: We did see a sig difference across Pre/Post summed scores, with a positive trend observed between higher scores and increasing experience. The two most difficult questions, as determined by item discrimination, were rewritten to improve readability and cognitive flow for our non-native English speaker audience.

See the results of the Cognitive Pilot

More Resources on Laparoscopy in Low-Resource Settings[edit | edit source]

Clicking on the photo below will allow you to access an educational guide on performing laparoscopy in low-resources settings. This resource was created by three of our ALL-SAFE team members who are experienced surgeons with PAACS currently practicing in Sub-Saharan Africa. You will find helpful tips and advice on how to troubleshoot common barriers to laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopy in LowResource Settings.pdf
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