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The term technology transfer, when used in regards to sustainability and appropriate technology, is often considered to mean a transfer from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. But developed nations can learn valuable lessons from technologies developed in the majority world which may use less resources and have a lower impact on the environment. These are important factors for a part of the world that has a greater per capita effect on the global environment.


  • Updated cooking methods in modern kitchens An attempt of gathering inspirations from those who have very little, to try to come up with new and improved cooking methods and recipes for modern kitchens. To save electricity, time, water, energy.

Appropedia and South to North knowledge transfer[edit]

Appropedia enables this transfer, along with all directions of knowledge transfer. For example GEM mosquito control from India (which uses no pesticides) and a home biogas system from the Philippines. This includes both technology transfer and more general knowledge transfer.

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