ALTECH soil mixers[edit | edit source]


The ALTECH Soil Mixers, which are available in two sizes (with total/practical capacities o 250/180 and 320/240 litres respectively) are adaptations of cement mortar mixers, modified, to suit the specific characteristics of soil mixes.

The planetary type mixers have steel tanks wit vertical walls and two-paddle rotary tool. which can be removed quite easily from the main shaft. The adjustable wear blades have been designed to achieve a good mix and to prevent the formation of lumps or crust on the tank wall.

The power is transmitted from an electric motor (380 V / 3-phase, 7.5 hp and 10 hp respectively or petrol engine (8.5 hp and 12 hp respective!, by means of double belts. The larger mixer can also be supplied with a 12 hp diesel engine.

The ALTECH mixers are fitted with wheels facilitate transportation and movement on the production site, but they are also designed to to integrated in a CEB production line.

Operating the ALTECH Soil Mixer

On a common production site, the mixer is either wheeled near to the pile of sold or close to the press, but if the mixer (usually the 320 l version) is integrated in a production line with a motorized press, it is best to raise it on a platform just above the press, so that the mix can be fed directly into the press. Before operation, the machine must be set up on its telescopic legs.

When the engine has reached its normal speed, a measured proportion of soil is introduced (either by means of shovels or with the help of a conveyor belt from the soil pile or the soil disintegrator). The stabilizer should be added to the dry material. Once a uniform dry mix is achieved, water is gradually added. When the flap is opened, the final mix is discharged through a hole in the bottom of the mixer into a wheelbarrow or into the proportioning hopper of the block press.


ALTECH offers to conduct training courses according to the users' requirements. The courses cover all practical aspects of CEB production, and the use and maintenance of equipment.

Overview of ALTECH Equipment

ALTECH produces a complete set of machine. for the production of compressed earth block in a coordinated production line:

Conveyor belt
Soil projecting disintegrator
Soil sieving disintegrator
Proportioning hopper
Soil mixer
Manual press G�o 50
Motorized press PACT 500
Gravity roller conveyor for blocks

ALTECH Soil Mixer 250 l

ALTECH Soil Mixer 320 l

Size of machine (length x width x height)

150x 115 x I IS cm (59 x 45 x 45 in)

170 x 145 x 140 cm (67 x 57 x 55 in)

Weight of machine

260 kg

380 kg

Size of crate for shipment

160 x 125 x 125 cm (63 x 49 x 49 in)

180 x 155 x 150 cm (70 x 61 x 59 in)

Weight of packed machine

395 kg

520 kg

Energy input

Electric motor

  1. 5 hp, 380 V 3-phase

Electric motor

10 hp, 380 V 3-phase

Petrol engine

  1. 5 hp

Petrol/diesel engine

12 hp

Volumetric output

3 - 4 m³/hour

4 - 5 m³/hour

Labour force required

1 worker

1 worker

Price (ex works)

ALTECH Soil Mixer 250 l

ALTECH Soil Mixer 320 l

valid June 1991

with electric motor

28203FF (~4700US0

with electric motor

40941FF (~6820US0

with petrol engine

31336 FF (~ 5220 US0

with petrol engine

44428 FF (~ 7400 US0

FF = French Francs

with diesel engine

47642 FF (~ 7940 US0

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