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Published 2011
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The Small is... Festival was an event created as a celebration and evolution of the ideas of Small Is Beautiful, written by the Practical Action's founder E. F. Schumacher. A space to share skills, learn about technologies, create networks, develop ideas and be inspired about international development and the planet.

The Small is... Festival brings together enthusiastic young engineers, experienced professionals and members of the public in the beautiful grounds of Practical Action's Warwickshire headquarters, for a weekend of technology, discussion, and hands-on activities.

The festival is organised by Engineers Without Borders UK and Practical Action in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering. Workshops in previous years have focused on rope washer pumps, solar PV power systems, mud brick making, DIY wind turbines and bamboo construction.

Key speakers include Adam-Hart Davis, Andrew Simms, Mark Lynas and Sebastian Wood. The Small is... Festival has worked with organizations such as WEDC, RedR UK, Hexayurt project, HEDON, architecture sans frontieres, Friends of the Earth and CAT - Centre for Alternative Technology (Wales).