ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS[edit | edit source]

The publication of this technical memorandum has been made possible by a grant from the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA). The International Labour Office and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation gratefully acknowledge this generous support.

They also acknowledge permission received to reproduce in this monograph figures from other publications as follows:




Intermediate Technology Development

III.1-4, III.6, III.10-11, III.13
IV.1-2, IV.4, IV.12-13, IV.15-16

Group: Tools for agriculture, a buyer's guide to low-cost agricultural implements compiled by John Boyd (London, Intermediate Technology Publications, 1971)

III.5, III.12

Commonwealth Secretariat: Guide to technology transfer in East, Central and Southern Africa (London, 1981)

IV.3, IV.11, IV.14

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Processing and storage of foodgrains by rural families (Rome, 1979)

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