Johanna Kerovouri who took part in the Pixelache 2010 foraging network events will lead a sienitietotalkoot.

There is a danger of eating wrong fungi and so we want to make people aware of what is not safe to eat. AND also show some fungi we believe are safe to eat by carrying out a fungus foray.

Maybe we also put some signs. A good book for this is Roger Phillips MUSHROOMS

Talkoot[edit | edit source]

It has been proposed to run a sienitietotalkoot. It is being co-ordinated in co-operation with those in Hirvitalo that took part in Pixelache 2010 foraging network.

Date is PROPOSED 18 September 2010

Location Hirvitalo (as a clip Kino after the foray


Titled as "Everyman's Rights in the Forest Day"

EMAIL sent to Johanna K, Bert V, Mikko L, Sari M, Ismo T

Last night at the Sauna I talked with Johanna - she has confirmed she will run a Fungus Foray but will check her diary for doing it, possibly Sat 18th September.

Bert also has had a quick look at the Clip Kino clips I sent him and has some other forest clips of his own. He has proposed that we come to the Forestry School in Kuru and do an event there. He will ask on Monday to the Lecturers.

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