In this session, you will develop a plan for next steps in your learning, mentoring, and as you move forward to drill bone and treat open fractures and osteomyelitis on human patients.

Make a plan with your learning partner and mentor.

Think through these questions:

  • What do your pre- and post-training assessment scores tell you? Where do you need more knowledge, skills, and/or practice? How will you get them?
  • Are there any sub-skills in the rubrics where you feel you are still EMERGING or APPROACHING? What would you need to advance to MEETING these sub-skills?
  • How will you continue and advance your learning?
  • What mentoring and feedback would be helpful to you?
  • What opportunities do you have to apply your knowledge and skills drilling bone and treating open fractures and osteomyelitis on human patients?
  • Now that you have completed this training, how might you be able to mentor other clinicians to learn the key psychomotor skills of drilling bone?
Record your next steps and a timeframe for each below.


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