Assembled Printable Non-Puncturing Textile Fastener

This two piece device allows you to get a firm hold on any type of textile without puncturing them. The first part of the device, which we will call the lock (shown in blue), fits closely into the base, which we will call the star because of its resemblance to a ninja throwing star (shown in red). This device has numerous useful applications around the home no matter where you live.

Instructions for use[edit | edit source]

  1. Wrap the lock in the fabric with its flat side touching the fabric.
  2. Push the lock and the fabric through the hole in the star.
  3. Turn the lock piece 90 degrees and pull into place (as shown assembled in Figure 1).
  • To take the fastener off just follow steps 1 through 3 in reverse.

Both the lock and the star have multiple holes that can be used either with tie lines or nails depending on your application.

The STL files for printing both the star and the lock are available at Thingiverse here and can be printed out of various materials on an open source rapid prototyper like the RepRap.

Textiles and Modifications[edit | edit source]

  • Because the fabric is in contact with the assembly over a relatively large surface area, even relatively delicate fabrics will not rip if put under reasonable loads. The large surface area allows the applied force in an application like a stretcher to be spread out far enough that the fabric is prevented from ripping or sliding off. When an external force is applied you are actually pulling the two pieces of the fastener together – rather than apart and they will not accidentally fall apart unless the force is removed and considerable effort is put into unlocking the device.
  • The textile fastener's can work with any type of textile from blankets and clothing material to tarps and tents.
  • The clearance between the lock and the star will need to be adjusted if you are working with either very thin (e.g. silk) or thick (e.g. a quilt).
  • You can also make a simpler star like this one that cuts down on print time and plastic use.

Applications[edit | edit source]

  • Stretcher – 6 fasteners, a blanket and 2 poles
  • Hammock - 2 fasteners and a blanket
  • Emergency Tent – 4 fasteners and a plastic sheet or tarp
  • Greenhouse or row guard – Use a number of fasteners and clear plastic to create a greenhouse
  • Food transport - Use some form of fabric and 4 fasteners to make flexible box for carrying things like vegetables
  • Improved Tarps:
    • You can use a fastener to fix a grommet that has popped out of a normal tarp.
    • You can also use a number of fasteners to join multiple tarps together into a bigger tarp
    • You can create a custom waterproof cover
    • You can use the fasteners to hold the tarp in a custom way for another function – such as rain water collection or roof leak or boat protector.
  • Add your ideas here – I am sure there are a lot more!
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