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Parent Primary Assessment

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the Primary Assessment. Read each question fully and make sure you understand what the question is asking before you answer. Some questions are select all that apply, these will be marked by square check boxes. After answering all questions to the best of your ability, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. Your score will be shown at the bottom of the page after submission. You may reset this quiz as many times as you would like.

1 What is the purpose of the primary survey?

To identify and treat life threatening conditions.
To identify and stop all bleeding.
to find everything that is wrong with the patient
an assessment used only on trauma patients

2 What is the first step in the primary survey?

scene size up.
Assess and manage airway
General Impression.
Determine the chief complaint.

3 What is the last step in the primary survey?

Assess and manage circulation.
Assess and manage disability
General Impression.
Patient priority/transport decision.

4 Where should you check for a pulse on an unconscious adult patient?


5 If you hear gurgling, you should?

Position the patient appropriately and suction as needed
Use the head tilt chin lift and insert an OPA
Use the trauma jaw thrust and insert an NPA
continue the primary survey and look for other life threatening conditions

6 Stridor is indicative of?

lower airway obstruction.
lung tissue disease
upper airway obstruction
a patent airway.

7 What intervention is appropriate for an unconscious trauma patient with snoring respirations?

open the airway using the head tilt chin lift and insert an OPA
open airway using the jaw thrust and insert an OPA
open airway using the jaw thrust and suction the airway
manually clear the airway and begin ventilation using a BVM

8 The secondary survey on the critically injured patient should be performed?

in the back of the ambulance on the way to the hospital
a secondary survey is not important on a critically injured patient
at the hospital by the physician

9 How should an EMT address a patient?

Partner, Old Timer, Sweetheart, & Honey are all good ways to address a patient
use the patients formal name only
always use the patients first name
address the patient the way they wish to be addressed

10 When you pinch the trapezius muscle the patient responds by groaning, his level of consciousness is?


11 What is the highest score using the Glasgow Coma Scale?


12 What is the lowest score using the Glasgow Coma Scale?


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