This is the top level page for your Module.

This is the introduction paragraph that will appear as a summary in searches within Appropedia and other spaces such as Google searches. We recommend around 50 words for brevity.

Use this page type as a top level "guide" of how to navigate through the content of your module with links to the skill and knowledge pages in the suggested order that they be tackled.


Include information about who this course is designed for, what knowledge or skills you expect them to have already, and potentially where to go after they have completed this course.

You can edit most of the material in this main body portion of the page using the visual editor, but first, some "Edit Source" edits you should make on your newly created page:

  1. The banner at the top is autoloaded as part of creating the page. It shows up at the very top as {{GSTC notice}} when you use "Edit Source". Replace the generic GSTC banner with your own.
  2. You will also want to edit the "Part of" section to refer to the top level module page that this is part of so that users can easily navigate back to the main content
  3. If you want to indicate the number of required weeks, you can edit that as well, otherwise remove the entire string and it won't show up as a side bar.

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

As an example, this course is organized into phases with a list of background knowledge and then a set of skills to master. The course/module can be organized however you like with the assessments built into each knowledge/skill page, or called out as separate pages

Phase 1 knowledge review[edit | edit source]

The learner should study the content of knowledge pages 1&2 and then take the readiness test. It is highly recommended that the learner be familiar with this content before proceeding to the skill pages.

Phase 2 Simulator build[edit | edit source]

Phase 3 skills practice[edit | edit source]

Phase 4 self assessment[edit | edit source]

Follow-on[edit | edit source]

(Optional) After completion and practice to competency, the learner may wish to continue study with these courses:

Discussion[View | Edit]

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