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In this session, you will complete a post-training assessment (post-test) to measure how much your knowledge and skills have improved during the course of the ETALO Drill Down training.

Step 1
Review the learning objectives for this Module.

By the end of this Module, you will be able to:

  • Measure the change in your knowledge and skills before and after going through the ETALO Drill Down training.
  • Plan your next steps, including continued learning and mentoring as you advance to drill bone and treat open fractures and osteomyelitis on human patients.
Step 2
Complete the 20 question post-training assessment below.

Print the document below. Answer the questions and keep for comparison to the pre-training evaluation.

Post-Training Assessment Form

Step 3
Score your pre- and post-training assessments and compare your scores.

Answers to the training assessment questions are below. Please score your pre- and post-training assessments.

Assessment Answers