Place holder to create a dictionary of photovoltaic terms. See Renewable Energy Dictionary for guidance. See for some great terms!

To Catch the Sun is the first book created from this much exclusive Appropedia content on photovoltaics. It is was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. See to get your own copy.

How to use this Dictionary[edit | edit source]

The terms are organized alphabetically. Each term is printed in bold type and capital letters. Some terms are hyperlinked to pages with more information.

Some words within the definition are also in capital letters. These are words that are defined elsewhere in the dictionary. Subsequent use of these words within the same definition is in lower case letters.

Each alphabetic section and each word is followed by an edit link. Clicking this will allow editing of the definition, inclusion of a link or adding a new word that follows alphabetically the word which you edit. Make sure to follow the same format as the previous word.

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